We create mobile banking apps that enable banks to swiftly adapt their activities to the constantly changing market situation via technology. Even complex processes and features can be handled efficiently.
Online Banking solutions by LeanCode
We specialize in creating apps that empower fintech companies to stay ahead of the ever-evolving market landscape. Our technology enables implementing of even the most complex financial processes and features.
Fintech web and mobile apps by LeanCode
HR tools should provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience regardless of the solutions they offer. We help the HR industry to achieve that by building attractive mobile and web applications.
We create apps that enable customers to monitor their health and fitness by analyzing their calorie intake and providing guidance about proper nutrition to help them stay healthy and fit.
EduTech industry is a rapidly growing field that focuses on the use of technology in education. This can include things like digital learning tools, online courses, and other innovative ways to use technology in the classroom and remotely.
We have experience in building applications supporting digital products related to mobility, commuting, and municipal infrastructure. Smart City systems support cities to transform themselves into effectively integrated urban areas.
We provide custom made Supply Chain Management Software Development to decrease expenses, optimize the delivery process by reducing transport costs, shortening the lead-time and minimizing stops possible to ensure a good quality service.
Using booking services make your business always available for customers. As a result of this, you may gain more bookings avoiding extra personnel costs which gives you more time and resources to develop your own business.
MarTech industry thanks to the significant advancement and widespread use of modern technologies become an outstanding example of how digital tools can disturb the whole market sector.
We support FoodTech applications that allow you to track over the orders placed by your customers and record every detail on transactions.