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LeanCode has delivered the MVP within 2.5 months, exceeding our expectations. Agile and detail-oriented, they've taken the time to understand the banking industry to deliver the most effective solution for our users. They are professional, efficient, and responsive.
Tomasz Czerwiński - Credit Agricole Bank Polska
Tomasz Czerwiński
Deputy CIO at Credit Agricole Bank Polska
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With the Know Your Customer (KYC) process banking mobile app enables customers to open regular, forex, and savings accounts in a quick and secure way. Customers can confirm their identity via mobile phone. KYC is an obligatory process meant to prevent banks from being used by criminal elements for money laundering activities.

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How to increase a banking app's success rate?

Banking is dominated by mobile platforms, which is why they should be developed by banks not only in terms of functionality but also in new roles so that they become the first and most common way of interacting with the client and an easily accessible and personalized tool.

It should be noted that the bank's mobile application should not only duplicate or extend the functionality of traditional online banking but should function as a fully functional digital bank so that the user does not have to use other channels to perform everyday transactions. This means providing access to most banking services as well as having features that attract new customers.

Mobile banking applications are the most popular digital communication channel, so they should be as customer-centric as possible and, at the same time, inspire trust.

This means that the mobile application should not only be functional, useful and safe, but also its offer and interface should be adapted to the needs and requirements of users or their current situation.

An important factor in the success of mobile applications of financial institutions is their effective integration at the architectural level with other channels and tools of the bank to enable a smooth transition between them and data flow. The ability to track the user's customer journey is also important from the bank's employees' point of view.

Implementing all the described characteristics of mobile applications is possible using proven technologies or those developing as part of technological trends.


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