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Why Staff Augmentation 2.0?

Typical outsourcing companies only recruit and sell people. At LeanCode, we provide knowledge and expertise.

Hire 2 Developers, and get the skills and knowledge of 60+ top IT specialists.

How does it work? We have highly specialized experts. Suppose our dedicated team spots a problem or a challenge. In that case, they can consult internally with other experts and provide a better solution based on an experience from more than 80 projects. We have designated experts for fields like System Architecture, Design Systems, Animations, Authorization and Identity Management, Infrastructure, and many others.

Trustworthy IT Partner

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What can you expect when hiring our dedicated IT team?

Developers from the best Universities only

Knowledge transfer supervised by our Team Leaders

Professionals with excellent communication skills

Conference speakers and community members

Engineering managers experienced in enterprise projects

Bulletproof expertise

Sparring partners

Training for the local IT workforce

Help in your future recruitment processes

Not just another staff augmentation provider

Developers from the best Universities only

Our entire team graduated from computer science studies at the best technical universities in Poland, where the vast majority comes from Warsaw University of Technology. Moreover, we are also leading two courses at that University about Developing Mobile Apps in Flutter and System Architecture in .NET.

The reviews we have speak for themselves

Tomasz Czerwiński
Deputy CIO at Credit Agricole Bank Polska
LeanCode has delivered the MVP within 2.5 months, exceeding our expectations. Agile and detail-oriented, they've taken the time to understand the banking industry to deliver the most effective solution for our users. They are professional, efficient, and responsive.
Mario Martella
Managing Director & CTO at Welliba
By cooperating with LeanCode, Welliba was able to develop a prototype from scratch within a very short time. Solid knowledge and trusting cooperation help us deliver new features to our customers quickly, continuously, and based on high-security standards. The sophisticated code base and experience within LeanCode provided us with a strong foundation for the IT security certification process. We are thrilled and grateful to have found LeanCode as a partner and look forward to our further cooperation.

Poland is the best outsourcing destination you can imagine

During his recent visit to Poland in May 2023, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, mentioned that 10 out of 50 initial OpenAI Developers in the Core Team were Polish. He wondered, "I don't know what Poland does to create such an amazing engineering talent". This same observation was shared recently by Visa, which decided to build a tech hub in Poland for a 1.5K IT workforce.

For us living and breathing in Poland, those statements are hardly a surprise. Rooting from the communist times, we have an excellent foundation for STEM courses in our universities which quickly transformed from the coal and heavy industry into computer science laboratories. With a very good command of English and the mindset of hardworking specialists, Polish IT Developers significantly impact the tech world in general.

Additional cooperation opportunities


Short mobilization time

With a team of 60+ IT experts, we can quickly scale up the dedicated team according to the project's needs. Typically our projects can start within up to four weeks. For one of our clients, we have assembled a team of 20 experienced Flutter developers within three months. This would not be possible using the traditional recruitment process.


Flexibility and part-time team members

You can choose what availability is the best match for your project. Imagine, at a particular stage, you need only 1/2 FTE of Quality assurance specialists for automated tests. Our flexible team augmentation services can help you to get a custom offer.


Special consulting sessions on demand

One of the benefits of working with an augmented team from LeanCode is that you can tap into the knowledge and experience of all our teams. While we were working on an enterprise Flutter mobile app, one of our clients needed to consult the complex backend architecture. Although we were not responsible for that part, one of our Team Leaders from the backend guild took an active role in shaping this architecture and worked as a sparing partner for the Technical Team Leader on the Client's side.

We are focused on technologies


What are staff augmentation models?

The first one is called vertical. It means that the additional team is supplementing the efforts of the current in-house team by adding another development squad. This staff augmentation model has roots in a feature-based team organization where the in-house team is leading squads responsible for the different features, and the dedicated team takes care of just a particular set of business requirements.

For example, let's say you want to add in-app credit card provisioning to the existing mobile app. In that case, a separate vertical team, isolated from the other squads, can take care of this feature's backend integration and mobile development. In this model, the team has a separate project manager and product owner supervising this augmented team. In this model, the local team capabilities are multiplied by adding new team members with comparable skillset.

Vertical Dedicated Team by LeanCode

How to start with our staff augmentation?

Schedule a call
We need to understand your situation better. At this stage, anything can happen. If you have already built some MVP, we are happy to run a technical audit on that. If you have stumbled on some hard things in the system architecture, we are pleased to refactor them. If you have identified specific risks, we can build a PoC to mitigate certain risks if you have identified them. As said before, it depends.
Review the team
Based on your expectations, we will preliminary select candidates who fit your needs well. You can review their profiles, and we will arrange a call to check if it clicks between you and the team.
Sign the Agreement and the first Order
Our Master Service Agreement handles the transition of IP and several other essential elements. However, it doesn't oblige you to pay anything. The actual works start after the Order is signed for a particular team for a specific period.
Build the Partnership with us
We like to meet regularly, at least once a week, to monitor the project's progress on regular statutes. Once a week, we also ask you in a survey about your satisfaction and collect your feedback. This helps us hugely to be a better partner and to provide the best staff augmentation services.

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