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Design Thinking Workshops for building new products

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From Vision to Validation

Design Thinking Workshop is dedicated to helping your business to bring your products from vision to reality. They are based on Google Sprints by Jake Knapp, LeanStartup by Eric Ries, and 24 Steps to Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet, Dean at MIT.

What Design Thinking Workshops provide?

What problem are you solving?

In a world of engineers looking for new ways to use AI and blockchain, we all need to return to the problem-first approach. We explore the problem statement analysis by answering who, what, where, and why. It is important to understand if the problem exists, what the target audience is, how they are currently solving the problem, what the pitfalls of those solutions are, and how much the target audience would like to pay for the 10x solution.

User interviews

With the average cost of the MVP being between 50K and 250K USD, you need to be confident that you have enough evidence to justify that expenditure. Therefore, we run a series of interviews during Design Sprints in two stages. Firstly, we need to complete the problem statement analysis with short interviews with representatives of your target group to confirm that the need exists and that they are willing to pay for the solution. Secondly, we run another series of interviews after the prototype is created to ensure that the solution matches the expectations of future users.

Product Market Fit

Before deciding to develop a new venture, confirming the product market fit is essential. Ultimately, the final confirmation is accomplished by the sales through the MVP, but there are different ways to test the product market fit before spending your budget on building this first version. We carefully select the best methods to confirm the product market fit during the Design Sprint. This can be achieved through interviews and focus groups with prototypes, market research, marketing campaigns, and other tools.

Clickable prototype

Once the problem statement is confirmed through interviews with end users, it is time to build the prototype. This stage starts with the simple low-fidelity mockups accompanied by the information architecture. Then, after selecting the proper product branding, the Design System is built. Components from the design system are then helpful in building the clickable prototype, which can be used further in focus groups with the users. This product version emulates the final product in a compelling way and helps to ensure its usability.

What is included in Design Thinking Workshops?

Our workshops use various tools from the service design discipline to properly structure and validate the product vision. This is the complete list of tools, and not all of them are always in use.
Problem Statement Analysis
Stakeholders map
Business Model Canvas
Market Research and Competition Analysis
Problem Statement Interviews
Process AS-IS vs AS-IT-WILL-BE
Technical Audit
Customer Journey 
User Story Mapping
Low-Fi Mockups
Product Branding
UX/UI Design
Mood Boards
Design System
High-Fi Clickable Prototype
Focus Groups
Proof of Concepts
Data Room and Product Market Fit

What sets us apart from other agencies?



While many agencies primarily provide you with developers, we go a step further by taking full ownership of your projects.


Short time to market

We don’t reinvent the wheel from scratch but leverage proven components and solutions that save development time.


Experience from 60+ apps

You get the assurance of working with a highly skilled team that builds top-tier mobile apps, resulting in 5-star client reviews.


Large-scale apps

We’ve gathered the bulletproof experience from large (200+ people) projects so we provide you with a service that is tested, and proven.


Proactive approach

Our team actively contributes their ideas and technical expertise to enhance the quality and functionality of your app.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


Constant feedback loop

Clients are invited to daily meetings, frequent feedback sessions, and product reviews. Ensuring your vision is aligned with our progress.


On time and budget

Our managers constantly monitor the projects to ensure they are delivered on agreed-upon time and budget, providing a predictable project experience.


We love hard cases

Easy projects can be built with no/low-code tools. By choosing us, you partner with a team that thrives on overcoming difficulties and challenges.


The Top European Flutter Agency

We are officially listed as a recommended Flutter Consultants, and you can find our case studies on Flutter.dev page.


Your tech partner

We are taking responsibility for the tech side of the project and recommend solutions that fit your business needs.

Examples of projects

Case Study of Welliba App
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Mobile & Web Application


Case Study Activy
Mobile Application


Case Study of Future Collars App
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Web Application

Future Collars

Reviews of working with us

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Solid knowledge and trusting cooperation help us deliver new features to our customers quickly, continuously, and based on high-security standards. The sophisticated code base and experience within LeanCode provided us with a strong foundation for the IT security certification process. We are thrilled and grateful to have found LeanCode as a partner and look forward to our further cooperation.

Mario Martella
Mario MartellaManaging Director & CTOWelliba
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If you decide to work with LeanCode, you will experience a lot more than a usual relationship between a client and a vendor. They have empathy combined with responsibility, and they are really lean - both for small and big clients.

Igor Pielas the CEO at Activy
Igor PielasCEOActivy
Future Collars logo

While the platform has only just launched, the internal team has seen a rise in customer satisfaction. LeanCode utilizes project management software to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is talented, hard-working, and easy to work with.

Kamil Osiecki
Kamil OsieckiHead of Business DevelopmentFuture Collars

How can you start with Design Thinking Workshops?

Meet our expert

Let’s talk about your new digital product!

Łukasz Kosman, CEO LeanCode

During our first interview, we will discuss your vision and how we can help deliver it. You will also learn about the potential budget and timeline depending on how specific this vision is. 

Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode


How should I prepare the brief for the Design Thinking Workshop?

I still need clarification between the app and the web portal.

What will I get after the Design Thinking Workshop?

Can you guarantee the results?