Single Page Applications

Not so long ago when Internet Explorer or Netscape were kings of the internet, nobody would’ve thought that browser solutions could offer as high, if not better, level of functionality as desktop applications. One of the technologies that enable us to build such systems and tools is React.

Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular libraries for building Single Page Applications (SPAs) in the front-end's quickly evolving world. It has strong competitors in the form of mature frameworks like Angular or Vue or less mature like Svelte. Since there’s no objective winner - every solution has its followers and critics.

Why React?

From the subjective point of view here are some reasons why React took our ❤️ at LeanCode:

  • The first version was released in 2013 - this means it’s mature and thoroughly battle-tested. 
  • React constantly holds its edge over competitors if we consider trends.
  • A quick search on npm gives us over 119k of React libraries. For context, Angular and Vue have respectively almost 40k and over 33k. You need something - there's a library for it.
  • Developers love React because it’s based on a few simple principles but still allows you to easily but most importantly quickly build and deliver everything you can imagine.
  • Backed by Facebook and used by many other tech giants. This means that we are certain that the support won’t be cut off tomorrow.



Our portfolio in React

We start in simple 3 steps

4h long workshop
During 4h we analyze the problem, assess solution and create the product roadmap.
Proof of concept
Within next 3 days we prepare the technical proof of concept to check if it fits business.
After the POC is accomplished we prepare the recommendation on how to implement the product with the offer.