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Turkey breeders during their daily work are preparing calculations of water, feed and ventilation parameters. They need to manually schedule the breeding time, manage the availability of turkey barns, plan the date for placing the eggs in the brooding barn and define the length of a turkey's life according to its species and gender.


KedziaApp is an AgriTech platform that helps them to automate those procedures. It’s a digital conversion of turkey breeding with a set of tools that every breeder and grower needs. In this application, the breeder can find useful tools for everyday work in turkey breeding. Thanks to the tools we provided, it allows to automate the calculation of feed, water and ventilation parameters in professional turkey breeding. You can also find here easy access to the map of farms and turkey barns along with the current weather.

What is more, this AgriTech platform provides additional tools such as the modern form of the placement schedule for turkey barns, and the placement wheel interface to which breeders are accustomed. 

Heat maps

KedziaApp also provides the functionality of drawing heat maps used to precisely select temperature of bedding for young turkeys. In the breeding rooms you can add floor heat maps to check whether the bedding is ready to receive chicks.

Placement wheel

In order to design the placement wheel, we’ve created a custom animation, thanks to which you’re able to:

  1. Indicate the appropriate date for placing eggs in the brooding barn.
  2. Accurately determine the date of birth of the baby turkey.
  3. Define the length of a turkey's life expectancy according to its species and gender.
  4. Properly schedule the breeding time and the date of transfer from brooding barn.
  5. Efficiently manage the availability of turkey barn (using the best practices of barn stock density in order to avoid empty barns)
Animation showing Kedzia App in work

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