Project background

In many ways, being an Over The Road or CDL driver is more a lifestyle than a job. It demands upward of 300 days per year on the road, and most drivers are expected to cover 125,000 miles annually. It is impressive, right? What if we could make their life easier?

Break&Wash has been created to make the journey of truck drivers more pleasant and comfortable. This application allows drivers to do their laundry during their long trips while drinking coffee and eating a meal. This way, they don’t have to leave the planned route and make up for miles. It also saves the driver time and helps to plan the journey more efficiently. 

Such a solution may help the logistics company improve their employees' working conditions and give them some benefits on the road. The application is addressed to the logistics companies that want to buy a package of washes for their employees.

Graphic showing Brain&Wash mobile application

Scope of work

This app offers a loyalty program. After each laundry, the driver gets loyalty points that can be exchanged for coupons for coffee and snacks at the petrol station. He can collect these points and exchange them for products from the petrol station offer. This way, the process of waiting for laundry becomes much more enjoyable.

How does it work?

1. Drivers select the gas station where they want to do the laundry
2. They choose the service they want to use (washing/drying) and pay for it
3. After payment, they get loyalty points for the laundry
4. Drivers can exchange the points and enjoy their coffee and hot dog while their clothes are being washed
5. They can take out their clothes and hit the road.


Graphic showing the process of using Break&Wash App

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