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Project background

Prospector is software that offers access to data such as names, contact information, job title, function, company hierarchy, and other insights that refer to the specific company.

Prospector’s primary goal is to help sales teams to boost their performance by delivering access to qualified prospects. It saves their time due to pitching their services to people who might be interested in buying.

Another significant advantage of Prospector is the accuracy of data, which eliminates ineffective calls. Users are able to follow particular companies and changes in companies (e.g., new employees).

The system gives users the possibility to tag every object in the system according to their needs, which helps track the market.

Search Builder is the main part of the Prospector system from the technical perspective. It’s built on Elasticsearch.

Thanks to this advanced engine, it is possible to walk through the vast list of filters and find companies, contacts, or insights precisely to users' needs.

Users can also save their searches and quickly come back to those they have already done without a need to set up all the filters again.

Also, Clients can choose from different plans in Prospector (different sets of features available for Users for different prices). Some of the plans can be bought by self-service.

The development team integrated Prospector with Stripe (payment processing software) to implement the subscription model.

Prospector is a web application. It's a part of the Information Services Industry. It skyrockets the performance of sales teams. Provides highly-qualified leads. This tool improves the efficiency of sales teams. Users can target the right prospects.

Information services industry

The B2B information services market has shown significant growth over the past decade. Growth and profitability have been driven by the increased importance of data and information in decision-making. The market is expected to reach $200.33 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 7.8%.

SaaS is one of the components of the information services market. SaaS presents a unique opportunity for businesses to optimize processes, add value, and offer end-users more benefits with minimal effort. 

On the other hand, as a provider, you can implement continuous SaaS app improvement more cost-effectively than in the case of traditional software companies.

Companies use the Software as a Service business model in varied applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), conferencing, web content management, salesforce automation, etc. 

Prospector is an example of a web application based on this business model, offering access to data of specific persons from the company selected by the user, which is difficult to obtain. 

Thanks to Prospector, sales teams can improve their efficiency by targeting services to clients holding a specific position.



Search Builder

Search Builder is built on Elasticsearch which is an open search and analytics engine for all types of data. Users can build the expected query incrementally, seeing how the results change in real-time. Every record can be exported to an Excel file.


Users can set up alerts on both individual companies/contacts and saved searches. The system will then send them an email with any kind of updates about the prospect. It allows users to monitor both the very narrow and the very broad scope of the market.

Campaign management

Users can set up campaigns and build Target Groups with Cohort Builder. It’s possible to upload a DNC (Do Not Contact) list, which helps filter out companies that shouldn’t be contacted. It’s also possible to upload a Focus list and filter preferred contacts.


Managers can track who has been using the system, how it was used, and what information they have missed by monitoring usage reports. This feature also gives visibility into the usage to the Prospector admin team to offer targeted training.

Scope of work

We were asked to rebuild the product that had already been on the market. Our task was to build a new web application for Prospector with a seamless User Experience and consistent User Interface. 

Our client also took advantage of our IT Consulting service, so the scope of work included both the development of the app, the analysis of current processes, and a proposal of the new solutions.

LeanCode’s Backend and Frontend Developers team used .NET and React technology to provide key features such as Search Builder, saved searches, alerts, and opportunities management.

We delivered the MVP of the application in 5 months and worked in the SCRUM methodology.

The development team worked on development with the use of 2 weeks Sprints. We were providing the client a review of our work after every Sprint.

Part of the process included migrating the existing data into the new system, enhancing it, and integrating it with the legacy data collection software.

It involved creating the compatibility layer, adjusting the old dataset to new requirements, and introducing missing pieces in the legacy collection process to make new functionalities.

An important part of the development was also giving a Prospector’s clients the possibility to create sales opportunities with contacts and insights of a chosen company.

It enabled users to work on the opportunity by entering more details about the lead and change stages according to the sales process.

Review of our work

Prospector logo

The team not only delivered what we needed, but they improved on what we wanted as well. The new platform is a significant advantage to our sales. I have worked with many IT teams developing software for over 30 years. This team is top grade.

Brent Jackson
Brent JacksonOwnerIRD Group
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Key takeaways

  • The client gave LeanCode’s development team a lot of flexibility in choosing technology and delivering key features.
  • We have achieved smooth cooperation due to constant communication with the client and his involvement in the course of the project. They had the awareness about the delivering chunks of the system.
  • Our client was also pointing the development direction and providing feedback in cooperation with our Project Manager.
  • Finally, it resulted in the system that thousands of Prospector’s clients have already been using.

Additional value delivered

LeanCode’s team managed to deliver the application besides the challenges of data migration from legacy solutions. Additionally, the new Platform required a payment tool for subscriptions and billing. Our team supported the client in the decision-making process. Finally, the Stripe Payment Platform was selected and integrated, bringing additional value.

Elasticsearch for database queries

Migration from the legacy solution

Redesign of the interface


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