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For some time now, dining out has become more and more a daily routine. Each of us has favourite restaurants and dishes to which we’d like to go back to. Sometimes we are too lazy to cook or we just want to go out with friends. 

Eating out is a very convenient option, but also an expensive habit.
What if there is a possibility to do it more often but paying half of the price for the same quality?


RobinFood is a socially engaged platform where you can save money and help others by eating out. With this application, you can earn up to 50% of the cash in selected restaurants, and easily donate some or all of your savings to the chosen charity.

It makes eating outdoors not only more enjoyable and cheaper, but also gives an opportunity to do something good.

Nearby restaurant

The first step is to find a nearby restaurant on the map which have prepared special discounts for RobinFood users. There are about 100 restaurants in Warsaw that you can choose from. The best thing is that you don’t need to make any reservation before, and that you can choose everything you want to eat from the menu. 

Thanks to that, without planning it before, you can just enter your favourite restaurant, choose

your number one dish and pay up to half of the price for it.

A graphic showing RobinFood application in use

Mobile payment

When it comes to paying the bill-nothing easier. Ask your waiter for it and let him know that you will pay using RobinFood. The payment process is conducted on the mobile phone using popular payment methods such as BLIK and direct transfer.

As soon as you get your bill just enter the full amount in the application, choose the mobile payment method, and show the confirmation to the staff. 

In this react native app we have integrated with mobile SDK payment delivered by PayU.


After each payment by RobinFood, a certain amount of funds will return to your account in the application, in the form of a cashback (RobinCash). You can use it in the next payment, reducing the amount of your next account by the accumulated funds, and part of the amount will come back to you. 

What is more, the platform gives an opportunity to use this cashback for donating charities, and to do something nice for others.

Paying for food in the app:

1. Choose the favourite restaurant from the list or map view integrated with Google maps.

2. Browse the menu and select the time slot based on the biggest cashback option.

3. Once all the food is prepared, ask for the bill and pay with RobinFood app as the prefered way of payment.

4. Pay by your mobile phone using popular payment methods such as Blik and direct transfer.

5. After the payment, your and your waiter will get the SMS with the confirmation.

6. When the bill is settled - get your cashback and decide which part of the cashback will be given to the charity organisations. You can choose a particular charity from the list of available NGOs cooperating with Robin Food.

Graphic showing feautures of RobinFood mobile app


React Native

Services used

IT Consulting
Mobile App Development
Web Development

If you feel inspired by the RobinFood business case, you are welcome to request the product design workshop where we can analyze your digital venture.