When to choose a web app development service?

Choose a web app development service when planning to build a content-based platform that users will interactively use, and that must offer them a whole range of usability.

Web-based applications are recommended tools for any use case and process that provide many inputs, data, texts, etc. These are too labor-intensive on the limited mobile interface.

Web apps increase the efficiency of the processes by standardizing input/output data and introducing more control and quality checks on each stage of these processes.

At LeanCode, we turn your idea into an efficiently operating and user-friendly product.

We've developed custom web apps for industries such as Banking, EdTech, HRTech, Information Services, and many others.

Development of web applications

We specialize in cross-platform web app development. Our developers implement various technologies and frameworks in one product so that such web apps can smoothly run in different environments and operating systems. 

We believe it is a cost-effective and efficient method for building modern Internet-connected apps characterized by high performance.

Even for the B2C products and with the huge popularity of mobile apps, it is still impossible to imagine any professional service working without the web application supporting the non-crucial, less frequent operations such as:

1. Invoicing and control of transactions. 

2. Operations on the user account, changing profile data, accessing the history, configuring the setup, etc.

3. Uploading / downloading data.

4. Managing the users, access control, invitation to collaboration. 

5. Integrating different apps, accounts, and plugins.

The popularity of web-based interfaces is also growing due to the following:

1. Easy access from all devices equipped with browsers. 

2. Responsive interfaces enable the usage of mobile devices. 

3. Possibility to instantly cut off the access of users and employees for security reasons.

Web applications are designed to be interactive and require dynamic updates to handle these interactions. We can help you create responsive but also stable and secure products.

Web app technologies we use

Our core technologies for web development are .NET, React and Flutter.

Our role is to propose the use of such technologies and solutions that not only match the client's product requirements and business goals but also allow to increase its usability and performance.

From our experience, based on developing many web applications, .NET for Backend Development and React for Frontend Development guarantee achieving the best results.

The technologies are also battle-tested, which means that the effectiveness of their use has been proved many times.

However, the proposed solution for each product is considered individually. Therefore, we also use Flutter technology to build web applications in some cases.

Flutter is recommended primarily when the product mainly offers its functionalities through a mobile application, and the web application is only used as an extension of the product's operation.

Another case is the purpose of the application to support internal activities in the company, and then such a web application does not offer complicated functionalities.

Web app development process

Concept Exploration
Proof of Concept
Product Design
Agile Development
Maintenance and Support

How do we handle web application development?

It depends on the state of your digital product, but this is the universal guideline of cooperation that helps us achieve the best results.

1. Concept Exploration: Join our Service Design Workshop and enable us to understand your needs and challenges better.

2. Preparation of Proof of concept: Order the PoC of the web app with the most advanced features accomplished within 2-3 days.

3. Strengthening cooperation: Sign the risk-free agreement to start advanced work on the app. You can cancel the work anytime.

4. Product Design: See how your idea is getting real thanks to our designers who turn the user stories into a visual interface.

5. Delivery of an end-to-end solution: Hire a dedicated team for web app development that understands your needs in the long run.

6. Maintenance and support: Secure the maintenance and support of the web app (7D/week) after the project has ended.


Discuss with us your product idea!


Why entrust us with the development of web applications?

  • We have knowledge. We are familiar with the product development phases and service design methods. We know how to progress with our clients from the pain/problem setting to the real solution. Our company has been developing mobile and web applications for various industries since 2016.
  • We have an impact. We actively participate in product development, system architecture design, and selecting technology stacks. We assist you through the complete product development cycle and adjust your product to changing market needs and user behavior.
  • We are a team. LeanCode is a software studio with an ambitious team of 50+ people passionate about mobile and web technologies and working hand in hand on innovative digital ventures. We're transparent in our internal and external communication and follow Scrum methodology.
  • We are experts. We specialize in building mobile and web applications in Flutter, React, and .NET technology. Our team members organize workshops, education events and engage in open-source projects to teach and share their experiences. We build our libraries and components.

Referrals from our clients

Marta Kutyna Bakalarska
Head of Innovation at Maspex Group
LeanCode has managed to create the great project on time and within the budget estimated. The team effectively managed the project using an agile methodology.
Agnieszka Marevné-Waniel
Shell Commercial Lead
I enjoy working with LeanCode and the technological expertise they bring to our cooperation. I was impressed with their knowledge, commitment, and how they went beyond the agreed level of support.
Brent Jackson
Owner, IRD Group
The team not only delivered what we needed, but they improved on what we wanted as well. The new platform is a significant advantage to our sales. I have worked with many IT teams developing software for over 30 years. This team is top grade.

Custom Web Applications

In 1999, the web application concept was introduced in the Java language. However, up then, the idea of what they should be used for was still vague.

It took another 6 years for Ajax (a set of web development techniques) to appear. It was created for Internet Explorer, but soon, Google took advantage of it and used it in Gmail and Google Maps.

Today the possibilities of web applications are endless. Each product can offer a range of custom features besides standard ones, such as web payments, live chat, web push notifications, or reporting & analytics.

At LeanCode, we offer our clients custom web app development service, which is a complex process that extends beyond standard code writing.

We lead you through the whole process of web app development and take care of delivering the product that brings real value to end-users as well as is tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

Popular web apps features:

1. Responsive Web Design (RWD) – makes web pages render well depending on the screen size and orientation of the device and create dynamic changes automatically when necessary.

2. Social login – enables users to log in easily with their preferred social media account and streamlines the registration process.

3. Search bar –  ensures intuitive navigation for the user and helps quickly find a product, feature, or topic that your web application offers.

4. Internationalization – allows the product to meet users' needs in many countries which means that date, time formats, currency, writing systems are compatible with all spoken languages.

5. Subscription payments – enables an ongoing payment on a periodic basis for a product or service, which is one of the most popular and necessary features.

6. Live chat – makes the communication between the user and help desk or customer service more efficient through the possibility to respond to customer inquiries quickly.

The common use cases for web apps:

1. E-learning Platforms – where it is crucial to provide users quick access to interactive lessons, quizzes, and games without losing the products' high performance.

2. eCommerce Apps – where it matters to give users to shop from every device and deliver an experience that convinces them to place an order.

3. Portal Web Apps – where it is essential to provide businesses a seamless integration with third-party tools, the ability to access real-time information, streamline communication.

4. CMS Web Apps – where it is necessary to easily upload content to the site and manage it to keep content up to date without having programming skills.

5. Online Booking Systems – that can offer additional functionalities to help out the traveler in case of cancellation, luggage issues, or delayed flights.

6. ATS Web Apps – where acting depends on the stage of the recruitment and is required to conduct more complex processes based on extensive data processing.

7. IoT Web Apps– where users can gather data and insights from various devices and manage their parameters and operations in order to incense their efficiency.

8. Real estate Web Apps – where it is crucial to enable virtual visits to the property, compare offers, and ensure safe transactions from any part of the world.

9. MarTech Web Apps – where tools have to offer vast feature sets and meet the highest market standards of delivered solutions and data security.


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