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Tailored web software

The web interface is still the most convenient for various business and enterprise applications which aim at:

  1. Automating specific business processes.
  2. Streamline the workflow of documents, substituting the traditional excel-email exchanges.
  3. Increasing the efficiency of the processes by standardizing input/output data.
  4. Introducing more control and quality checks on each stage of the current processes.
  5. Providing the service, SaaS products for B2B clients.

Web-based applications are also recommended tools for any use case and process which involve:

  1. Providing a lot of inputs, data, texts, etc. which are too labor-intensive on the limited mobile interface. 
  2. Performing operations during business hours by the office workers.

Therefore they are a perfect back office, management dashboards & tools. 

Even for the B2C products and with the huge popularity of the mobile apps, it is still impossible to imagine any professional service working without the web application supporting the non-crucial, less frequent operations like:

  1. Invoicing and control of transactions. 
  2. Operations on the user account, changing profile data, accessing the history, configuring the setup, etc.
  3. Uploading / downloading data.
  4. Managing the users, access control, invitation to collaboration. 
  5. Integrating different apps, accounts and plugins.

The popularity of web-based interfaces is growing also due to the:

  1. Easy access from all devices equipped with browsers. 
  2. Responsive interfaces enable the usage of mobile devices. 
  3. Possibility to instantly cut off the access of users and employees for security reasons.

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Marta Kutyna
Maspex Group
LeanCode has managed to create the great project on time and within budget
Agnieszka Marevné-Waniel
Shell Commercial Lead
I enjoy working with LeanCode and the technological expertise they bring to our cooperation.

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