Project Background

The project's main goal was to build a mobile application that would enable the efficient management of sterilizers remotely.

Sterilizers are innovative disinfecting and sterilizing units with an air filtration function used at homes, schools, petrol stations, and hospitals.

After logging into the application, the device's owner - enterprise, service, or consumer - can see and change the parameters and previous settings of all the owned sterilizers regardless of their location.

The STERYLIS app provides access to both static data, such as information about the address and the exact room in which it is located; and dynamic data, such as the device's current configuration, external influencing factors, or power of operation.

This application was created in cooperation with Intsol, the business partner leading the project and building the backend infrastructure for the future Flutter-based apps.

Sterilizers are innovative disinfecting and sterilizing units. The STERYLIS app makes the management of sterilizers more efficient. Service technicians and users have quick access to live data. You just need to click to see the parameters and settings.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a part of the modern technologies that can provide the fundaments to connect organizations, generate data, and drive more intelligent operations and actions.

The IoT Industry has become an important part of the enterprise, public, and consumer segments. Spendings on software and hardware related to IoT are projected to grow from US$726 billion worldwide in 2019 to US$1.1 trillion in 2023 (according to a market research report).

Using its sensors, network, and analytics, IoT provides the core tools to focus on key drivers as safety, efficiency, quality control, cost reduction, and revenue growth. The STERYLIS application offers a solution that takes advantage of IoT capabilities and translates them for the user's benefit.

Processing data at every stage helps control air quality and enables operators to take corrective actions in real-time. In addition, organizations can pursue their efforts to provide a safe working environment and protect employee health with solutions that enable them to operate devices remotely.

Services Used

Mobile App Development
Product Design
IT Consulting


Live data

Bluetooth connection

Full control over device

The STERYLIS app provides different device management capabilities for a service technician. To receive live logs and data from the device, we used the SinclaIR technology.

Scope of Work

We were asked to provide two applications: STERYLIS - an Internet-connected device management app, and STERYLIS Pure - a Bluetooth companion app to the Client’s sterilizing devices.

We used the cross-platform Flutter framework for building both apps, and we connected to the .NET backend for the STERYLIS app.

The STERYLIS app had to provide different device management capabilities, including tenant selection, device metadata editing, and registering devices to the tenants. The app had to display all available device information in real-time and be able to edit all available configuration parameters.

As STERYLIS Pure was only a control app, the entire scope of work was known at the beginning - the user should be able to discover, connect, and control STERYLIS devices. The controlling was done over a custom device protocol, which had to be replicated in the app.

The app also had to show live device data by maintaining an active connection and polling the device. Implementing multiple safeguards over the native Bluetooth calls had to be done to ensure a clean user experience despite the various native Bluetooth quirks. Here you can read more about connecting BLE devices with Flutter apps.


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Key Takeaways

  • As a result of the cooperation with LeanCode, our Client received two clean device control applications, working on iOS and Android.
  • We built the STERYLIS app using Dart and the Flutter framework for mobile, using .NET for the backend, and a mobile Bluetooth framework.
  • Our team was flexible and implemented new ideas on an ongoing basis using agile project management techniques supported by CI/CD processes. It enabled us to provide frequent updates to the app.

Additional Value Delivered

LeanCode represented an Agile approach to app development and it helped deliver the project faster. Instead of betting everything on a final launch.

Agile project management

Frequent updates to the app

Fluent team&client communication


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Awards & Press Releases

Polska Agencja Prasowa logo
About the devices for which LeanCode created the mobile app: "The Polish technology company MILOO-ELECTRONICS has created a device that destroys the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air in a fraction of a second. It also eliminates other pathogens that are dangerous to humans. Sterylis is the only solution in the world that uses 4 air purification technologies in one device."


Krzysztof Zmorzyński
Board Member of INTSOL
Cooperation with LeanCode was exemplary. Competences, work organization, and the tools used allowed us - as a client - to focus on the most important aspects for us, i.e., on defining business requirements and verifying their implementation during daily, short online meetings.

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