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The State of Flutter for 2021 – Pros and Cons of Mobile Development in Flutter

Flutter is currently one of the major cross-platform solutions to develop apps not only for iOS and Android but also for Desktop and Web applications. But it has its limitations. What does it mean for the business? Find out more about the pros and cons that are worth considering before starting the development.


Lessons Learned After Making the First 10 Commercial Apps in Flutter


Why Firestore, Part I: Reasons to Love It


Why Firestore, Part II: Reasons to Hate It


Which Browser Features Can You Use to Build Your Next Web App?
The State of Flutter for 2021 – Pros and Cons of Mobile Development in Flutter

Flutter is currently one of the major cross-platform solutions to develop apps not only for iOS and Android but also for Desktop and Web applications. But it has its limitations. What does it mean for the business? Find out more about the pros and cons that are worth considering before starting the development.

Łukasz Kosman

Lessons Learned After Making the First 10 Commercial Apps in Flutter

There is always exciting technology our team wants to try out. We challenged them and asked for proof on how Flutter can bring value to the client. We are sharing the insights after making the first 10 commercial apps within the last 24 months during which we’ve spent some 17.193,00 hours on Flutter projects.

Łukasz Kosman

Why Firestore, Part I: Reasons to Love It

Firestore and Firebase suite are great technologies. They allow developers to build some features in Flutter and other mobile frameworks really fast. However, Firestore has also many pain points that outweigh the pros in most of the more advanced cases. Is Firestore appropriate for you? Read on to find out why!

Jakub Fijałkowski

Why Firestore, Part II: Reasons to Hate It

Firestore (and Firebase) is a really great solution for many different use cases. However, there is a number of limitations that make using Firestore painful. Tricky latency, data migration problems, and complicated privacy are just the beginning of troubles. Read the article to find out why!

Jakub Fijałkowski

Which Browser Features Can You Use to Build Your Next Web App?

There are many proposals and specifications that aim to provide new features for web developers that can close the gap with native apps. Let’s take a look at what’s already possible to do in a browser and how the gap between the Web and the native apps gets smaller and smaller.

Marcin Chudy

Rocket.Chat Integration

Once you build an application, there is a big possibility that you will need a chat integration. Recently we had to face a difficult problem - create a live-communication panel with a full range of features without spending a fortune on it. Rocket.Chat Integration has proved to be the right solution for our needs.

Sebastian Konowrocki

Flutter Firebase Plugins Linking Error iOS

We came across an error during the compilation of a Flutter app for iOS when there is both some Firebase plugins and an App Extension(s) present. See how to solve this issue fast so you can keep doing your work efficiently.

Albert Wolszon

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Thomas Burkhart

Thomas Burkhart is the Flutter and Dart GDE. He could be seen almost as a legacy system. Being about 30 years in this industry led him to a lot of different technologies, like C++ with MFC, C#, microcontrollers in C, and currently mobile App development with Flutter and Dart.

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Marcin Szałek

Marcin Szałek is in love with Flutter since the alpha release in 2017. Founder of Fidev, Co-founder and speaker on Flutter Europe and Flutter Lodz Meetup. Enjoys sharing Flutter knowledge on blog fidev.io and YouTube. Proud collaborator of Material Design and Firebase packages.

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Leo Farias

Leo Farias is a CEO/CTO of Concepta & Founder/CTO of FanHero. He is actively experimenting with Dart, Flutter, and other tools with a focus on dev tools, and frameworks in order to improve efficiency for development teams (do more with less).

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Felix Angelov

Felix Angelov is a Senior Software Engineer at Very Good Ventures. He previously worked at BMW where he pioneered the transition to Flutter and is also a dedicated open-source creator and maintainer. When he's not coding, he's searching for new coffee shops and practicing his latte art.

RxVMS – A Practical Reactive Architecture for Flutter Apps

Thomas Burkhart introduces you to RxVMS - the practical reactive architecture for Flutter applications. You may ask: "Why another architecture? We already have a few of them and they are doing well!" Is it so? Thomas makes a discussion on this topic and answers why is it a perfect architecture for Flutter. Watch the video.

Flutter: Scroll to Perfection

Driving flutter animations with AnimationController is great but do you know what’s even better? Driving them as a user! Even simple ListView can be a source of rich and astonishing animations. Watch the video to learn how to take your scrolling to the next level and surprise your users with UX they’ve never seen before.

Why Firestore, Part IV: How to Escape It

This is our final article about Firestore! Have you realized that Firestore makes your life more difficult? At first sight, Firestore seems like a perfect fit for your use case but then the bad things happen. If you're looking for the way out - in this part we'll show you how to escape from Firestore!

Jakub Fijałkowski

Cubit: Advanced Topics

Cubit is a subset of a very known Bloc Pattern with a simplified, lighter combination of the Bloc and Provider. It brings a fresh friendly look to the Bloc state management. Watch the video to find out what is Cubit, how to test your code with BlockTest and much more.

Why Firestore, Part III:  6 Things You Need to Know Before Using Firestore

It's worth understanding the Firestore limitations and how to overcome them before you start building your next web or mobile application using native or cross-platform solutions like Flutter, React Native, or Kotlin. Read hints on how to use Firestore effectively and not hurt yourself in the process.

Jakub Fijałkowski

Implementing Live Whiteboard With Flutter and Firestore Database

Whiteboards make it easier to collaborate on designs, teach people new concepts, and express ideas. In this blog post, we explore a possible implementation of a whiteboard using Flutter to create a mobile application and Firestore database as backend.


FVM – Building a Cross-Platform Dev Tool With Dart & Flutter

Leo Farias, during his speech at Flutter Warsaw #14, brought closer the topic of building an app & CLI to manage Flutter SDK versions, and why Dart & Flutter is the future of dev tools. Flutter Version Manager as a tool provides us with a simple CLI and GUI manager for Flutter SDK versions and works like Channels.

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Jakub Biliński

Jakub Biliński is a software engineer responsible for the architecture, approach, and development of a new version of a mobile app for clients of one of the Polish banks. He also has varied experience from his earlier projects like mobile games to advanced algorithms (including artificial intelligence).

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Albert Wolszon

Albert Wolszon is a software developer who specialises in mobile technology such as building apps in Flutter. He is always seeking opportunities on giving back to the community, which he probably found. He is a creator of Arbify - an open-source Flutter library.

Zoom Integration

With the requirement of being fully remote, companies were desperately seeking solutions. One of them was Zoom. At LeanCode, we were previously using Zoom as a communication tool with great outcomes. While working on the FutureCollars platform, we applied it as well. See how their backend systems communicate with Zoom API.

Sebastian Konowrocki

Arbify – A Quick Overview of a Flutter Localization Made Easy

Watch Albert Wolszon's presentation on Arbify. It started as an idea during one of the Flutter meetups and quickly became a real piece of code. In this lightning talk, Albert explains what is Arbify and why the Flutter community should be interested in it.

Complex Animations in Flutter

Flutter ships with plenty of high-quality widgets, layouts, and themes that developers can use to speed up the whole creation process. A great example of custom widgets made in Flutter is the Placement Wheel developed for one of our clients. See how to do it.

Using Flutter in the Enterprise Environment

Jakub Biliński was responsible for the architecture, approach, and development of a new version of the mobile application for strategic and corporate clients of the bank. Watch the video to see how his team adjusted to FinTech security compliance, wrote a custom HTTP client, maintained application scalability, and more.

LeanCode Named Clutch Top B2B Company for 2020

LeanCode was named the Clutch Leader for B2B Companies in Poland in 2020. In those turbulent times, proving ourselves as the reliable and worth recommending partner meant tons for us. Empathy towards the client, great business analyzing skills, and fantastic teamwork in SCRUM are the fundaments of our culture.

Łukasz Kosman

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Salih Guler

Salih Guler is a Berlin-based Senior Mobile Engineer who is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He likes sharing his knowledge with people by mentoring aspiring developers, blogging, and talking at conferences. He joined us as a speaker during Flutter Warsaw #12 Meetup. Read the interview.

Flutter Warsaw Interview With Matej Rešetár

Matej Rešetár is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. He works as a Flutter freelancer and, most importantly, a developer educator at resocoder.com.His mission is to get people prepared for the real world of Flutter development. Despite all this work, he still manages to squeeze in strenuous workouts and guitar.

Making the Most Out of Your Flutter Development

The Flutter team created some amazing developer tools for us to monitor our applications, enhance the performance and give us an opportunity to provide a better application experience to our users. In this talk, you will see how you can use these tools on a real-life project and how you can use it to enhance your performance.

The Power of Immutable State

Managing a state can be a stressful ordeal if you dive into it without any thought. This kind of monstrous code can be tamed with the principles of immutability. And as if cleaning your code wasn't enough in itself, an immutable state comes with a handful of hidden superpowers! Come along for the journey to find out how to use them.

What a Flutter! Or What Makes It So Performant

Why should you pay attention to Flutter? What makes Flutter different? Flutter uses Dart object-oriented programming language, which is the fastest-growing language, up by 532% between 2018 and 2019. GitHub states that Flutter is top 3 in the number of project contributions. Want to find out more? Watch the video.

Testing in Flutter: Unit, Widget, and Integration Tests

Let's talk about tests! Dart and Flutter support three types of tests: Unit, Widget, and Integration tests. We'll start with a high-level overview of these different types of tests and when they're useful. Then, we'll dive into the details. See Brian Egan's presentation and become a pro in this topic.

Fluttering at 60 FPS

Flutter lets you write incredibly smooth animations with its promise of rendering at the speed of 60 FPS. But to achieve that, you need to make sure that you don’t slow down the app yourself. In the talk, Krzysztof describes how Flutter renders widgets, what it means for you, and presents some common pitfalls you should avoid.

Choosing the Right Mobile Technology for Your App

Choosing the right technology for your mobile app is a key decision to make while starting a new mobile project. There are two different approaches for creating mobile applications and each of them is related to the use of a different framework. Read the article where we bring closer the possible options.

Łukasz Kosman

State Management With Provider

Mobile apps are not just static collections of UI elements. Even the most straightforward app requires user interaction which changes data displayed on the screen. Get familiar with declarative UI programming around the state and how to manage it with the Provider package.

Summary of the State of Flutter Framework for 2019

The journey we took almost a year ago has exceeded our expectations, with more than a dozen professional apps developed in Flutter during 2019. We have also found one of the biggest Meetups in Europe — Flutter Warsaw, with the regular monthly talks given by the most respected community leaders.

Łukasz Kosman