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Lessons learned after making the first 10 commercial apps in Flutter.

We are sharing the insights after making the first 10 commercial apps within the last 24 months during which we’ve spent some 17.193,00 hours on Flutter projects.

Business Partners

Agnieszka Marevné-Waniel

Shell Commercial Lead

I enjoy working with LeanCode and the technological expertise they bring to our cooperation.

Marta Kutyna

Maspex Group

LeanCode has managed to create the great project on time and within budget

Sebastian Zimmermann

The Bike Company

I recommend LeanCode as a responsible tech partner who created our Revelo bikesharing application.

Antoine Azaïs


We are highly satisfied with the cooperation with LeanCode as a trustful tech partner.

Why LeanCode

We care

about your problem

Defining the problem is crucial for further success and designing the solution with the problem in mind.

We know

how to solve it

Our experienced team consist of Product Designers, Analytics, .Net, Flutter and FrontEnd Developers who can prepare the right solution.

We understand

why it matters

With the proper business mindset we can create the meaningful recommendations that fit you real business needs.

You can trust us

Our team of 50 devs, architects, designers, testers and product owners is run by the entrepreneurs

Łukasz Kosman



Cofounder and Partner, formerly CEO at, founder of Rebel and Appetiq, lecturer at MBA and WUT and mentor at startups.

Jakub Wojtczak



Co-founder and Partner, CTO. Experienced entrepreneur. Co-founder at Appetiq, Rebel. Community activist and co-founder at Flutter Warsaw and Flutter Europe

We can build your next great digital solution!

We start in simple 3 steps


4h long workshop

During 4h we analyze the problem, assess solution and create the product roadmap.

Proof of concept

Within next 3 days we prepare the technical proof of concept to check if it fits business.


After the POC is accomplished we prepare the recommendation on how to implement the product with the offer.

Igor Pielas

Activy CEO

I can recommend LeanCode for their entrepreneurial approach towards building digital products.

Request the 5-STARS workshop

Discover new ways to build digital product that solves real life problems in just 4h
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Our experience

We are a 5-STAR business partner

We can build your next successful app!

We share knowledge

The State of Flutter for 2021 - pros and cons of mobile development in Flutter

The State of Flutter for 2021 - pros and cons of mobile development in Flutter

We build communities

Technology we love


.NET Core


We share knowledge

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