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Project background

Future Collars is an e-learning platform that allows conducting intensive, interactive courses led by mentors during daily webinars and virtual sessions.

This product brings the joy of both worlds: creative remote collaboration with mentors and peers and individual studies with personal development supported by gamification. 

Future Collars meets the needs of the modern labor market by offering a flexible and effective e-learning model for individuals as well as corporations.

Future Collars is an e-learning platform with live mentors that uses the potential offered by new technologies. The platform enables a fast skills-development path in programming, product design, and testing.

e-Learning industry

Modern societies where human capital is the most vital asset require high-skill talents. Therefore, e-Learning platforms are the best way to provide lifelong learning programs for individuals and employees and disseminate information. 

e-Learning has become present in IT, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services. As of 2020, the e-learning market was at $250 billion, according to market research firm Global Market Insights.

That is expected to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 21% through 2027 to hit $1 trillion. That includes academic, corporate, and government use of e-Learning.

The main reason e-Learning is gaining popularity is its wide accessibility and a more engaging form of consuming knowledge.

Online learning platforms try to keep up with modern trends and allow learning through different browsers and mobile devices and implement modern technologies like gamification, as in the case of Future Collars.

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Gamified roadmap

Track your progress and get rewards. Users can track their course progress in the custom-made portal, where they find all course materials, assignments, tests, and projects

Live chat with mentors

Thanks to RocketChat integration, stay in touch with your colleagues and mentors to get instant feedback while exploring course materials.

VS Code synchronization

Get your tasks validated instantly while coding with VS Code custom plugin. Press one button and start coding your assignment. Get instant feedback with a custom test runner. Open your student’s assignments with just one click.

Advanced course creation tools

Create a course consisting of stages, eLessons, compulsory and enhanced modules, assignments, videos, images, code samples, live lessons on zoom, and many others.

Scope of work

At LeanCode, we always apply tailored solutions to the needs of the product, which translates into a well-allocated budget for the project.

We started with Service Design workshops, which allowed us to understand the needs and goals of the project. During the workshops, we analyzed the initial information about the product expectations and prioritized the feature set to complete essential parts of the system during early releases.

During workshops, we discovered that several parts of the final product were related to the existing technologies, and there was no need to reinvent the wheel from scratch. Therefore, in our final recommendations, we’ve included several integrations such as VS Code, ZOOM, and RocketChat.

Firstly, we experimented with writing the plugin to the VS Code so that the students wrote the code in VS Code, which is automatically tested. The results are communicated to the mentors who can support their students along their educational journey. 

The main focus is on actual practice and experience with real programming interfaces, which gives the students an invaluable edge during their future job applications.

Secondly, we integrated with Rocket Chat to streamline the group work and enable communication on the internal channels between the students and mentors, supervised by the Future Collars team.

Last but not least, we integrated with the ZOOM app, making all the webinars accessible in the app directly after the live performance. It allowed users to remaster easily and synthesize the knowledge acquired during the live session. 

Reviews of our work

Future Collars logo

I highly recommend LeanCode for their technical advice and business understanding.

Beata Jarosz
Beata JaroszCEO and Co-founderFuture Collars
Future Collars logo

While the platform has only just launched, the internal team has seen a rise in customer satisfaction. LeanCode utilizes project management software to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is talented, hard-working, and easy to work with.

Kamil Osiecki
Kamil OsieckiHead of Business DevelopmentFuture Collars
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Łukasz Kosman, Co-founder and CEO at LeanCode
Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode

User Experience perspective

From the B2C perspective, Future Collars offers individuals a great opportunity to accelerate their careers with the help of experienced mentors who are experts in digital services. 

Future Collars helps companies to educate their employees so they can learn new skills and become the specialists they need in the organisation. On the other hand, Future Collars supports employees to gain competencies that will ensure their further development by gaining experience in such areas as:

  • Java Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Manual and Automatic Tester 
  • Data Science
  • Virtual Assistant & Social Media Specialist
  • WordPress & Freelancing
  • HTML & CSS
  • Scrum Master
  • Business Intelligence
  • React & Java

The process of learning takes place on the e-learning platform. Live lessons are conducted by experienced IT practitioners, who provide individual support and supervise the learning progress online. This flexible model allows for acquiring new practical skills without giving up current duties. 

Thanks to combining these three elements: mentoring, remote learning, and teamwork - studying is very effective and rewarding. 

The Future Collars project also provides opportunities for those who cannot access education due to mobility limitations, distance from the city, or other barriers preventing access to innovative education.

What is more, this platform connects trainees with potential employers so that their career after the course can immediately take their career to the next level.

Key takeaways

  • To distinguish Future Collars from other e-learning platforms, LeanCode introduced an element of gamification.
  • Thanks to this solution, it offers complex online educational courses and makes them more scalable and accessible for a greater audience. 
  • The secret sauce is the unique program during which students are incentivized to further develop their skills in particular areas using the extended materials and additional exercises. 
  • Each unit consists of the life lessons supported by the articles and digital materials.

Additional value delivered

At LeanCode, we knew how to perform four complex integrations with Zoom, VS Code, RocketChat, and GitLab platform. It allowed us to deliver and implement a fully functional e-learning platform within 8 months that replaced the client's previous version.

Implementation of Complex Integrations

Fast Development Process

Guidance on Product Design


Awards & press releases

MyCompany Polska logo
"Ranking of the 25 best Polish startups. Edition 2021. The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for online education. One of the most important Polish edtechs is Future Collars, i.e. a modern online programming and digital competence school."
Forbes logo
“Life-long learning programs create opportunities for women to transfer to the new digital industries. This is why Forbes decided to support the social campaign WomenUpdate targeted at building awareness towards possible career transition paths.”

Opinions about the product

I can honestly recommend the UX Design course, rating it 10/10. It was perfectly organized, and all materials were covered in a proper way. I also highly appreciate the communication with mentors.
An online e-learning program was the only chance for me to handle my regular duties together with the learning routine. Thanks to the virtual assistant, I could have adjusted the best time slots where I could complete my tasks.

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