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Kontomierz is a FinTech web app whose main strength lies in its unique and intelligent transaction categorizer, making it an excellent tool for today's expense management challenges.
Kontomierz web fintech app by LeanCode


Welliba is an Employee Experience platform. It enables organisations to measure, predict and manage employee experience. The app provides on-demand, personalised insights and advice to employees.
Welliba platform by LeanCode

Invoice Gateway

Invoice Gateway is a FinTech web platform for settlement process optimization. It brings value to sellers&buyers by solving the problem of last-minute payments and avoidance of blocking access to funds.
Invoice Gateway Case Study LeanCode

The Audio Bible Super Production

The Audio Bible is an audiobook in the form of a radio play. It shows that even religious content can be adjusted for modern customers. It offers access to high-quality 3D recordings.
The Audio Bible Super Production

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

CA24 Mobile is a modern banking app of Credit Agricole Bank Polska dedicated to retail clients. It's probably one of the biggest apps in Flutter in the world. The development team consisted of 25+ Flutter Developers working to build the next-generation iOS and Android applications.
Case Study of Credit Agricole Mobile App


Quittercheck is a healthcare app that uses modern media such as video - recorded by the user - to fight the addiction rather than encouraging the use of smoking cessation aids.
Quittercheck mobile application


Prospector's goal is to help sales teams to boost their performance by delivering access to qualified prospects. Another advantage of Prospector is the accuracy of data which eliminates ineffective calls.
Prospector Sales Tool Case Study


We were asked to provide two applications: Sterylis - an Internet-connected device management app, and Sterylis Pure - a Bluetooth companion app to the Client’s sterilizing devices.
Sterylis mobile application


Mindy is the mindfulness app that allows users to relax and meditate with great content. We built this state-of-the-art mobile app for iOS and Android using an integrated cross-platform approach.
Meditating girl and colorful background with mountains


The idea behind the Activy project was to create the gamification system that will empower the employees to cycle to work instead of taking a car.
Case Study of Activy

Future Collars

The Future Collars is an e-learning platform dedicated to people who want to re-design themselves and start new careers based on their newly acquired digital skills with support from mentors.
Future Collars platform


The main challenge behind the GastroJob project was to reflect the specific business processes like a recruitment within the mobile app interface.
GastroJob Case Study by LeanCode

Maspex ContentBox

ContentBox is the product tailored for the content creation process at Maspex, who is the biggest private company in Poland and one of the main groceries producer in Central and Eastern Europe operating in more than 60 countries.
Case Study of Maspex ContentBox


Revelo Bikesharing is a city bike rental system dedicated to office parks. The entire rental process takes place within the application that cooperates with the electronic lock on the bike. Each registered employee may use the available two-wheelers.
Case Study of Revelo App

Kędzia App

We’ve created a mobile application supporting the work of breeders that allows to automate calculation of feed, water and ventilation parameters in professional turkey breeding.


We’ve created an application for players to keep track of their team's progress in the tournaments, their place in the league table, and the schedule of upcoming matches
Case Study of Virium


The idea behind the Clicket app was to create an insurance selling system for students, avoiding unnecessary documentation and complicated processes.
Clicket Case Study

Break & Wash

Break&Wash is an application that solves the problem of truck drivers who spend most days on the road without access to the washing machine, and allows them to do the laundry at the petrol stations.


The idea behind the RobinFood app was not only to make the food in the city more pleasant and cheaper, but also to give users the opportunity to donate charities from the cashback.
Case Study of RobinFood