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Most business owners become aware of their mobile audit needs when they already have a serious problem with their current mobile app's performance, security, or usability. The mobile app audit is a process with a clear outcome in the shape of the audit report. It provides an extensive executive summary for the business owners together with a list of recommendations in terms of their impact on the business goals, which are specified at the beginning of an audit.

When do you need a mobile app audit?

The current state of app development is unsatisfactoryYou either observe the app working too slowly, bugs are mounting, and bad reviews start to take over the app rating in the App Store or Google Play. At this point, you need to search for mobile app testing and auditing companies. Detecting and fixing bugs or glitches through audits can significantly improve app stability and reliability. This fosters trust among users and reduces app abandonment rates.
The app development team is changingWhen your app development team is changing, and you want to check the status quo to set the expectations for the future roadmap and investigate potential technological debt. An audit helps in pinpointing areas that might require refactoring or improvements, allowing the new team to prioritize tasks effectively.
Moving your native app to cross-platformWhen you consider moving your native iOS and Android app development to cross-platform solutions and, for example, building a mobile application based on Flutter. Understanding the complexities and potential challenges involved in migration helps in devising mitigation strategies. An audit reveals potential risks like data loss, compatibility issues, or disruptions in functionality, allowing proactive measures to be taken.
Migrating your app to a different technologyWhen you want to transfer your existing applications onto a new tech stack and plan the migration to sustain the current operations and avoid data loss. An audit provides a detailed understanding of your current app's architecture, functionalities, dependencies, and integrations. This knowledge is crucial for planning a successful migration without overlooking essential components.
Investment or purchase of a mobile appWhen you are buying or simply investing in an existing company with digital assets, and you want to run a due diligence report on the current state of these assets. A comprehensive audit provides insights into the true value of the app. It helps in negotiating the acquisition price by highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas that might require additional investment or improvement.

What are the types of mobile app audits?

Depending on the business owner's needs, there are specific types of tests, audits, and mobile app audit tools that could be considered for both native iOS and Android apps and cross-platform apps. They differ in terms of the primary purpose of the audit. We can distinguish the following types of mobile app audits and testing techniques:
Technical audit
Security testing
Discovery audit
Migration audit 

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