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Project background

Mindy is the mindfulness app that allows users to relax and meditate with great content.

This app intends to focus on the problem of anxiety and general lack of focus and provides a self-care program for people aware of how important their mental wellbeing is.

This app targets young individuals who are open to using the mobile app to ease their daily stress.

What is unique about the Mindy app is that it explicitly targets employees in large organizations offering wellbeing programs as a health-related benefit for their teams.

Mindy is your mindfulness companion. This app allows you to train focus and contemplation techniques. It uses audio streaming media services. And subscription-based business model. The app operates in B2C and B2B model.

Mindfulness industry

The Mindfulness industry is a part of the HR Tech industry and is growing rapidly, led by major unicorn players like Headspace and Calm. Mindy would like to follow suit and address the mental needs of employees as a benefit.

This industry covers some mental well-being and meditation techniques that have grown exponentially over the last couple of years and are expected to continue this expansion with a 48% CAGR (according to UniDatos Market Insights).

Those megatrends have been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, during which the isolation and fear caused a surge in reported mental health issues.

The market itself is divided according to the stage of mental disease treatment, and Mindy can be identified at the initial part of that process as a prophylactic tool for mental self-care.



Audio Content Streaming

Mobile Subscriptions

Content protected with DRM


We are using Azure Media Services and CDN services to provide the best quality of audio player streaming experience for users.

Scope of work

We were asked to build a state-of-the-art mobile application for iOS and Android.

For this project, we have chosen the Flutter framework for mobile app development and .NET Core for the server-side. The web-based admin app was built using ReactJS.

Using this tech stack, we could focus on the biggest challenge, i.e., providing the unique ease of experiencing the mindfulness app comparable to the very high market standards (of Calm and Headspace).

Mindy involves some complex analytics for their subscription based business model. In this project we have integrated with Appsflyer to track the attribution for marketing campaigns and souce of installs, especially paid channels and economy tracking.

We have also integrated with CleverTap to automate marketing, analytics, and user engagement. Both the Appsflyer and CleverTap were the building blocks for providing the analytical model to track the economy of the subscription business model with own events and connecting metabase for data visualization to make decisions.

What is more, this project was developed during the Summer Internship Program at LeanCode, during which freshly recruited interns, while supervised by mentors, could participate in building this challenging mobile system.

This proved efficient and provided the interns with an excellent opportunity to master new theoretical concepts taught during the internship program. 

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User journeys

User experience is a process, which for the case of Mindy app has to be as smooth as possible.

In order to streamline the onboarding process, the app enables users to register using different social media accounts while checking dependencies between the accounts so that users can register with an email and afterward log in with the Facebook account associated with the same email address.

Afterward, the informative onboarding process allows users to start their first meditation challenge. In the background, the process is monitored using integrated AppsFlyer to track attribution for marketing campaigns and source of installs, especially paid channels and economy tracking.

The next stage of the Customer Journey is related to monetization. We have implemented the subscription-based business model, where users can use their Apple or Google account to enroll for the subscription and activate monthly payments. This process is tracked similarly to the user acquisition, and the performance of the funnel channel analytics is optimised.

The third Customer Journey is related to the actual use of the app and provides the player feature for the audio content. The player is fully customized and enables the user to experience the meditation techniques fully.

The last considered Customer Journey was related to the long-term engagement built around challenges, courses, gamification tools like badges and trophies, and a calendar with notifications for enhancing regular usage.

Those features are critical business-wise to ensure that the value is well communicated to the user and build their stickiness with the product.

Key takeaways

  • Thanks to cooperating with LeanCode on this project, our Client received the fully functional system together with the infrastructure configuration for commercializing their mental health program.
  • Mindy app is a mobile app for iOS and Android built from one codebase using Dart and Flutter framework with some native integrations (for example, with payments).
  • On the backend side, this project is based on C# with .NET Core framework, and the hosting infrastructure uses Microsoft Azure services.

Additional value delivered

We have delivered a complex IT-system within 4 months from the start of the works, which is an unprecedented speed.

Fast Development Process

Quick Media Streaming

Advanced Subscriptions Management



Awards & press releases

Business Insider logo
“Anyone who would like to meditate with a Polish lector can use the Mindy application, which offers two types of recordings - with the voice of a woman or a man. The Mindy startup boasts of working with certified mindfulness teachers.”
Reczpospolita logo
“Digital mental-fitness solutions have been a hit in recent months - they soothe the nerves and improve sleep. A startup based in Rzeszów, Poland - Mindy, also focuses on gamification.”

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