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Leading Flutter Development Company in the world

Whatever the target interface, you can rely on us. Our experience from more than 60 enterprise projects makes us a perfect tech partner for your product development efforts based on Flutter.

What are your mobile challenges?

Adding Flutter to your organization

If your IT Team is new to Flutter and you are looking for additional expertise, we are happy to help you. Typically, we start with consulting workshops to better understand the goals of your product development efforts. Then, we can structure your app architecture, advise on project organization, and help build foundations for your design system. Our experts can then work hand-in-hand with your team to build the app and transfer the knowledge.

Scaling up your Flutter team

If you already have the initial Flutter development team and you want to increase your production capacity, we can add our experts to your team to streamline the Flutter app development process. They can help in existing squads or form a new squad and take responsibility for completing new parts of the app.

Migrating from Xamarin to Flutter

As Microsoft phases out support for Xamarin, businesses with Xamarin-based apps face a crucial decision. Our service provides professional assistance for seamless app migration to the Flutter technology, ensuring continuity and leveraging Flutter's advanced performance capabilities. By transitioning, companies unlock access to Flutter's robust ecosystem, enhancing their mobile app's longevity and future prospects.

New to mobile development

Do you have an extensive IT team working on backend and frontend development but need the mobile team? Our Flutter developers can smoothly join your team, take responsibility for the mobile chapter based on Flutter, and bring the required knowledge and experience. Suppose you want to build your new mobile application. In that case, we will help you deliver everything necessary, including UX/UI, mobile app development, quality assurance, and support plans with SLA.

Rewriting an existing mobile app

If your existing app is outdated and suffers from bad reviews, we can help you bring it on a good track. It all starts with an audit that lets us understand how much we can reuse and what should be built from scratch. 

Explore our Flutter know-how

Flutter CTO Report 2024

Flutter CTO Report 2024

This report offers a comprehensive summary of insights and opinions on Flutter from CTOs, CIOs and Tech Leads, based on their experience with various Flutter projects.
The "Flutter for Enterprise" White Paper

Flutter for Enterprise

Based on the experience from large-scale projects with more than 20 Flutter Devs, we summarized best practices for building enterprise applications in Flutter.
The "Banking Apps with Flutter" Ebook

Building Mobile Banking Apps with Flutter

This ebook is packed with technical and organizational details about delivering the "CA24 Mobile" banking application with Flutter.

Examples of Flutter apps

Case Study of Credit Agricole Bank Polska App
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Mobile Application

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Case Study Activy
Mobile Application


Case Study of Welliba App
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Mobile & Web Application


Why choose LeanCode as your Flutter app development company?

Flutter is our core mobile technology

We think the Flutter framework is a great solution for cross-platform apps, and that’s why we fully focus on this technology. We have been developing mobile apps in Flutter since 2018, and we deliver several Flutter mobile apps for our clients every year. It allowed us to develop the skills of our Flutter team to a very great extent, and you can take advantage of it while working with us. If you have chosen Flutter already, you can be sure that LeanCode is a top Flutter development company.

We are the official Flutter consultancy firm

LeanCode is an official Flutter consultancy company. We are among the top global Flutter firms listed on the official Flutter.dev page. We are thankful to Google's FlutterDev team for the recognition. This inspires us to keep sharing Flutter knowledge and crafting top-notch Flutter applications for our clients.

We gather 25+ Flutter Developers

A large Flutter team gives more possibilities - from developing smaller Flutter applications to those dedicated to enterprises in the creation of which a dozen or so Flutter App Developers are involved. Besides that, our Flutter team members have already moved from general skills to specialization in specific solutions such as Bluetooth technology, payments integrations (Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay) design systems, media services, etc.

We create our Flutter packages

Our Flutter and Dart packages simplify and speed up the work of our team by reducing the need to write additional code and reducing the number of bugs that could arise. The fact that specific solutions have already been tested and are compliant with security standards (for Android apps and iOS apps) increases the application's stability.

We are involved in the Flutter Community

We are a part of the Flutter Community. LeanCode engages in organizing the Flutter Warsaw Event (the biggest European Meetup dedicated to Flutter with 1.8K+ members). There were 17+ editions already. We also organized the Flutter Europe Conference. Our Flutter Developers share their knowledge by supporting open-source projects and giving speeches at tech conferences both in Poland and abroad.

We teach good Flutter practices

We are in constant cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, where we teach Flutter theory and practice. We also take part in other educational events dedicated to future mobile app developers. We also run the LeanCode Internship, where students and graduates have the opportunity to work on an actual cross-platform app development project and learn Flutter best practices by working in a real project team.

We develop the Flutter UI testing framework

LeanCode is developing Patrol – a Flutter-first UI testing framework that revolutionizes the way we test our Flutter apps. We use it internally, but it's also an open-source project gaining new users each month. Patrol can drive your Flutter app in a way that no other tool ever could. It can interact with the operating system UI, open the notification shade, and toggle Wi-Fi and Location so that you can test truly real-world scenarios. Patrol is made for automated testing of the app's UI.

We build Flutter enterprise apps

LeanCode is known for delivering enterprise Flutter applications. One of them is a mobile Flutter application for Credit Agricole Bank Polska, a Polish branch of Crédit Agricole Group. Its mobile banking application is dedicated to retail clients. You can read the Case Study of this app, written from a technical perspective. Our clients can benefit from our extensive experience.

We have conference speakers and GDE on board

Our Head of Mobile is an official Google Developer Expert in Flutter & Dart. Our team members also take part in global Flutter conferences and meetups. As an example, they have given 11 talks in 2023. Our clients can be sure that the knowledge about building Flutter applications within the team is very high, and we are happy to share it with the Flutter community and our clients.

What is included in our Flutter Development Services?

Flutter Development is a very broad and growing niche. Depending on your exact business needs, we can help you with:
Flutter Architecture Workshops
Design System Implementation
Automated Tests
Tech Audit
Design Thinking Workshops
UX/UI Design
Agile Coaching
Backlog Management
Mobile App Development
Release management
Support and SLA

What sets us apart from other agencies?


Experts on board

You have access to a team of experts in their fields and speakers at international tech conferences.


Automated tests

Forget regression bugs. Our robots make sure that everything is okay so that you don’t need to. This means higher overall app quality.


Large-scale apps

We’ve gathered the bulletproof experience from large (200+ people) projects so we provide you with a service that is tested, and proven.


Proactive approach

Our team actively contributes their ideas and technical expertise to enhance the quality and functionality of your app.


Solid university background

Graduates only from the best faculties in Poland in computer science and related fields, ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


We love hard cases

Easy projects can be built with no/low-code tools. By choosing us, you partner with a team that thrives on overcoming difficulties and challenges.


We run a University grade course

We teach to code well both internally and externally. Our Experts are teachers who train other developers on mobile app architecture.


We build communities

We have founded Flutter Warsaw, co-founded Flutter Europe, and have been participating in all major Flutter meetups in Europe.


We are on the tech edge

We closely monitor the new technologies and solutions to build state-of-the-art applications and software.


The Top European Flutter Agency

We are officially listed as a recommended Flutter Consultants, and you can find our case studies on Flutter.dev page.


We are on the tech edge

We closely monitor the new technologies and solutions to build state-of-the-art applications and software.


True leaders

Our Engineering Managers know how to train and lead the IT teams, and they can take care of your team as well.


Hire 2 Devs, get 60

Our 60 devs combined have knowledge of almost everything, and we facilitate knowledge transfer to solve complex problems together.


We build open source

We build our own packages and solutions that we often share with the community. We believe in the value of knowledge sharing.


We provide training of the staff

Our developers can help teach your team the skills necessary to continue your product development. We openly pass the know-how to our clients.

Reviews of our work

Welliba logo

Solid knowledge and trusting cooperation help us deliver new features to our customers quickly, continuously, and based on high-security standards. The sophisticated code base and experience within LeanCode provided us with a strong foundation for the IT security certification process. We are thrilled and grateful to have found LeanCode as a partner and look forward to our further cooperation.

Mario Martella
Mario MartellaManaging Director & CTOWelliba
Credit Agricole logo

LeanCode has delivered the MVP within 2.5 months, exceeding our expectations. Agile and detail-oriented, they've taken the time to understand the banking industry to deliver the most effective solution for our users. They are professional, efficient, and responsive.

Tomasz Czerwiński
Tomasz CzerwińskiDeputy CIOCredit Agricole Bank Polska
Activy logo

If you decide to work with LeanCode, you will experience a lot more than a usual relationship between a client and a vendor. They have empathy combined with responsibility, and they are really lean - both for small and big clients.

Igor Pielas the CEO at Activy
Igor PielasCEOActivy

How can you start with Flutter Mobile App Development?

Meet our expert

Let’s talk about your plans for using Flutter

Łukasz Kosman, CEO LeanCode

During our first interview, we will discuss business needs and plan how we can take your Flutter-related efforts to the next level. 

Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode


How big is the Flutter team at LeanCode?

Are your Flutter Developers at LeanCode real experts? 

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