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Flutter for desktop is a promising solution

Flutter for desktop encounters some initial challenges, including a lack of packages, libraries, and other issues. Nevertheless, its future outlook is highly promising due to the limited availability of technologies tailored for desktop application development. Compared with Electron or Avalonia, Flutter stands out in terms of performance. Especially when the desktop interface is secondary, and you want to port your application to desktop from other interfaces like mobile or web, Flutter is a big win.

When is Flutter desktop development an especially good choice?

You want to cover both mobile and desktop

Do you plan to build the app for mobile and desktop? In that case, porting the app from mobile to desktop with Flutter is super easy. Provided you have implemented the correct architecture and design system, building the new Desktop app in Flutter is a natural, very affordable extension.

You have in mind a cross-platform application

Suppose you aim to develop desktop applications that need to run consistently across different desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). In that case, Flutter desktop development provides a single codebase solution that is very beneficial. It significantly shortens the time of app development. It’s also easier to manage and add changes to such applications, no matter the operating system they use.

You need a highly customizable design

Flutter offers a wide range of customizable widgets that developers can use to create a tailored and branded UI for desktop applications. This flexibility allows for the creation of a user-friendly interface that meets the specific needs of the business and provides a consistent and visually appealing user interface across different platforms. 

Your desktop app also needs to work offline

Flutter allows developers to build applications with offline capabilities. This is beneficial in scenarios where internet connectivity may be intermittent, ensuring that transactions can continue even when the network is unavailable. However, the ability to work offline is often dependent on the specific requirements and architecture of the application.

You build media and entertainment app

Flutter's capabilities in creating visually appealing and interactive user interfaces make it suitable for developing media players, streaming applications, and entertainment-related desktop apps. Moreover, Flutter's plugin system allows developers to integrate existing native libraries or third-party plugins seamlessly. This is advantageous for incorporating media-related functionalities like video players, audio players, and streaming services.

What is included in Flutter desktop application development?

Here, the range of additional services will depend on your specific case. 
Design Thinking Workshops
UX/UI Design
Low/Hi-Fidelity Mockups
Clickable Prototype
Research and User Interviews
Agile Coaching
Backlog Management
Desktop App Development
Quality Assurance 
Automated Tests 
Release Management
Support and SLA
System Integrations

What sets us apart from other agencies?


Short time to market

We don’t reinvent the wheel from scratch but leverage proven components and solutions that save development time.


Experts on board

You have access to a team of experts in their fields and speakers at international tech conferences.


Experience from 60+ apps

You get the assurance of working with a highly skilled team that builds top-tier mobile apps, resulting in 5-star client reviews.


Automated tests

Forget regression bugs. Our robots make sure that everything is okay so that you don’t need to. This means higher overall app quality.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


We love hard cases

Easy projects can be built with no/low-code tools. By choosing us, you partner with a team that thrives on overcoming difficulties and challenges.


We run a University grade course

We teach to code well both internally and externally. Our Experts are teachers who train other developers on mobile app architecture.


We build communities

We have founded Flutter Warsaw, co-founded Flutter Europe, and have been participating in all major Flutter meetups in Europe.


The Top European Flutter Agency

We are officially listed as a recommended Flutter Consultants, and you can find our case studies on Flutter.dev page.


We are on the tech edge

We closely monitor the new technologies and solutions to build state-of-the-art applications and software.


Your tech partner

We are taking responsibility for the tech side of the project and recommend solutions that fit your business needs.


App release management

Under our supervision, the release of your mobile application is automated, hassle-free, and stress-free.


We build open source

We build our own packages and solutions that we often share with the community. We believe in the value of knowledge sharing.



Transparency in the way of project management and access to our project tracking tools. It promotes collaboration and contributes to the overall success.


We provide training of the staff

Our developers can help teach your team the skills necessary to continue your product development. We openly pass the know-how to our clients.

How can you start with Flutter Desktop Development?

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