Project background

In HoReCa, business managers struggle to manage the team during periods of mixed demand with temporary peaks like sponsored parties or weddings. Often, they need several people for temporary assignments.

What they are looking for is a crew of experienced workers with proven track records and recommendations from fellow restaurants/hotels so that they can make a quick scale with a quality workforce.

LeanCode developed a recruitment startup's flagship app and platform, GastroJob, for restaurants, hotels, and cafes that search for qualified employees.

Scope of work

The main challenge behind the GastroJob project was to reflect the specific business processes like recruitment within the mobile app interface.

For our client, we've created multiple interfaces with mobile apps for the employees as well as employers. You can watch the video below that presents the complete case study, which takes into account the key takeaways from building the ecosystem of the Flutter application in our presentation from Flutter Europe.

What was interesting about this project was that at some stage, we established with the client that to extend the features available in the application, it would be advisable to transfer from Xamarin to Flutter.

As a result, we had a unique opportunity to compare the results from two projects where the same scope was developed on Xamarin and Flutter. Even further, we could compare the time spent on the development of the Flutter Employer app against the time spent on the web portal for the employer with exactly the same feature scope.

It was proven that with Flutter, we were able to recreate the scope substantially quicker, spending less than 70% of the time needed to build the mobile app with Xamarin or the Web app with ReactJS. Here are the detailed results:

Development time comparison

In summary, we were working with the client for more than 2 years, adding new features and components as a response to the market needs and pivots experienced by the Startup. So far, the app has enabled several thousand users to find the great jobs they were looking for in the HoReCa industry.

Key takeaways

Review of our work

Gastrojob logo

LeanCode helped us with the app development from a very early stage. The early brainstorming, branding as well as all the flows for both types of users. They were willing to share their business knowledge and tips to help us avoid possible obstacles.

Magdalena KeatingProject ManagerGastro Job
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Awards & press releases

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In GastroJob, there is no registration fee, offers can be published for no charge, promotion on social media, and the website is also free. You only pay for the recruitment of an employee.
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Catering businesses are among the most vulnerable to employee turnover. Many people are only looking for temporary work in this space, it is rare for someone to stay long-term. The creators of the GastroJob platform decided to solve this problem.
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