ContentBox is the product tailored for the content creation process at Maspex, who is the biggest private company in Poland and one of the main groceries producer in Central and Eastern Europe operating in more than 60 countries.

This product brings the clarity into the process and helps to track the changes and new versions of the content which are exchanged between the marketing and brand managers and the interactive agencies, media houses and PR agencies working with them. This tool streamlines the communication by incorporating the necessary information such as the brand details, channels of communications, release schedule, budgeting and other relevant components. Currently the entire communication within more than 30 brands is managed by specialised marketing teams at Maspex using this product.


Marta Kutyna Bakalarska
Head of Innovation at Maspex Group
LeanCode has managed to create the great project on time and within the budget estimated. The team effectively managed the project using an agile methodology.


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Our contribution

Web Development
IT Consulting
Product Design

We start in simple 3 steps

4h long workshop
During 4h we analyze the problem, assess solution and create the product roadmap.
Proof of concept
Within next 3 days we prepare the technical proof of concept to check if it fits business.
After the POC is accomplished we prepare the recommendation on how to implement the product with the offer.