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The whole idea behind the Activy project was to create the gamification system that will empower the employees to cycle to work instead of taking a car. This is our most eco-friendly project with also a great social impact as it helps riders support a number of charity organizations throughout Poland. This product is targeted towards HR departments which are looking for new ways to incentivize and engage their employees to actively challenge either themselves, their colleagues or whole departments.

Activy is also not only about cycling. With the app you can do both, cycle and run and either challenge yourself and set personal goals or compete with your colleagues directly or as teams from particular departments. It helps to trigger this additional energy from the team and integrate all employees on a daily bases.

How does it work in practice? Once you kick off a company competition with activity it dominates the small talk and conversations within the company. Because it covered both cycling and running everybody gets involved and feels they can participate and contribute to either department or overall score. What is more, taking part in the Activy competition can also help you to organize a charity contest, where your employees can contribute to the charity goals like collecting the money for some relatives of NGOs.


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Activy is an advanced platform for activity tracking with:

1. Complex tracking using geolocation services with multiple edge cases.

2. Geofencing for tracking activity around specific location targets like the company's HQ.

3. Advanced calculations and cloud computing of live online rankings from various perspectives.

4. Engaging prizes assigned for particular activities and events triggered by users and their activities.

5. Intuitive dashboards for tracking individual results, rides and time spent on particular activities.

6. Instant messaging for notifications about new achievements and badges.


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Igor Pielas

Activy CEO

I can recommend LeanCode for their entrepreneurial approach towards building digital products.

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Igor managed to build Activy, a bicycle start-up. Today, employees of Microsoft, 3M, PGE EC, Allianz, DHL, Google and LiveChat can enjoy the mobile bicycle game.


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