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Project background

Activy is a Polish wellbeing application that helps companies boost their teams’ health and culture. It enables HR departments to engage their employees with custom sports challenges in the user-friendly app. 

The whole idea behind the Activy project was to create a gamification system that would empower the employees to cycle to work instead of taking a car. This is our most eco-friendly project with a significant social impact, as it helps riders support a number of charity organizations throughout Poland.

This product is targeted towards HR departments looking for new ways to incentivize and engage their employees to challenge themselves, colleagues, or whole departments actively. The app is about showing commitment to a healthy lifestyle and building friendships with coworkers. It has been trusted by over 400 companies, including such as Google, Siemens, and Dell.

Activy, besides providing access to a mobile app, also offers its admin platform where companies can gain easy access to reports, statistics, and data through a user-friendly desktop platform. They can also enjoy the convenience of sending messages to participants and publishing engaging posts on the social board.

Activy is a mobile wellbeing app. Its solution is dedicated to companies that aim to support employees in a healthy lifestyle. In the Activy app, employees collect points for sports activities and accomplish team challenges.

HR Tech & Wellbeing industry

Wellbeing applications are becoming an increasingly integral part of HR tech solutions. HR tech solutions have evolved to address not only traditional HR tasks like payroll and benefits but also the overall wellbeing of employees.

Wellbeing applications are becoming an increasingly integral part of HR tech solutions. HR tech solutions have evolved to address not only traditional HR tasks like payroll and benefits but also the overall wellbeing of employees. 

Wellbeing apps provide tools and resources for employees to manage their physical and mental health, reducing stress and improving overall quality of life. Many of them integrate with HR analytics tools to provide insights into employee health trends.

Such data are beneficial for HR teams. They can use this data to tailor benefits packages, wellness programs, and employee engagement initiatives to meet the needs of their workforce better.

Offering access to applications such as Activy can be a part of Corporate Wellness Programs. Many organizations are investing in corporate wellness programs as part of their employee benefits packages. These programs often include access to fitness apps, mental health resources, and wellness incentives.

What distinguishes the Activy application is integrating social elements to boost motivation and accountability. Users can connect with their colleagues or communities to share progress, set challenges, and support one another. 

Also, gamification elements are being incorporated into this app to make health and fitness more engaging. Users earn rewards, compete with others, and achieve milestones.



GPS Map Tracking

Offline/Online Capabilities

Integration with Health Apps and Wearable Devices



Mobile apps that offer GPS map tracking use the GPS data provided by the device's hardware to determine your real-time location. Users can track their adventures with GPS-recorded routes or snap a photo to mark their stationary accomplishments.

Scope of work

The Activy app, in its previous versions, has been implemented in React Native, featuring some native elements, most notably activity tracking. The app has also employed a state management solution typical for React and React Native at that time - Redux. 

During the migration of the app to Flutter, we decided to start mostly from scratch, utilizing solutions typical for Flutter, such as BLoC-based state management. We also opted against reusing the native tracking implementation and instead reimplemented it using only plugins to communicate with native APIs.

We started with a promising POC that proved that it was possible to record the GPS activity and save it to the Firestore database while operating in the background. It hasn’t been easy; we have encountered many issues with keeping the background activity alive, especially on iOS. 

However, the entire Activy app was successfully migrated from React Native to Flutter. Flutter's architecture allows for high performance and smooth animations, often leading to better app responsiveness compared to React Native. This improvement can result in a more satisfying user experience.

Review of our work

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If you decide to work with LeanCode, you will experience a lot more than a usual relationship between a client and a vendor. They have empathy combined with responsibility, and they are really lean - both for small and big clients.

Igor Pielas the CEO at Activy
Igor PielasCEOActivy


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