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When to choose a mobile development service?

Choose a mobile development service when planning to bring a new and exciting idea to life with the use of effective and efficient mobile solutions and a dedicated team. 

Choosing the right service provider for your mobile app development is a key decision to make while starting a new mobile project.

The team impacts how your digital product will be delivered, and this task requires the proper knowledge and experience.

We turn your idea into a beautiful mobile application. At LeanCode, we've developed 30+ custom mobile apps for our clients.

Mobile solutions we specialize in

After coming up with an online business idea, the next vital step is choosing the best mobile solution. Sometimes it's a real hassle for our clients to find out what type of app-building approach will connect the audience with the brand in the best possible way. LeanCode takes this burden off your shoulders.

We specialize in cross-platform app development, and we believe it's the best solution for most cases.

Cross-platform development allows targeting audiences on different platforms and remaining an excellent performance of a mobile application. It significantly shortens app development time and lowers the costs due to the possibility of writing the code once and reusing it for each platform (iOS and Android).

Using cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter or React Native also gives you a chance to create a user experience and interface that hooks the audience on the app.

Mobile app technologies we use

We specialize in developing mobile apps in Flutter.

Flutter is the newest cross-platform framework based on Dart language that enables building applications for mobile devices (iOS & Android) and desktop (Mac & PC), and web browsers from the same codebase.

It provides excellent performance and user experience on both platforms as well as increases time to market significantly.

Why is Flutter great for mobile app development?

Flutter is a stable solution that allows building great products while saving on the budget:

1. There are already more than 150K apps developed in Flutter worldwide.

2. It is possible to build the native apps for iOS and Android from one codebase.

3. It is easier to prepare the adjustable screens and complex animations in Flutter.

5. Flutter’s custom widgets provide a wide range of possibilities for creating the app’s visual side.

6. Application is deployable to Web and Desktop alternatives (since Flutter 2.0).

7. It easily integrates with different platforms such as Android, IOS but also Linux, MAC, Windows, and Google Fuchsia applications.

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When should you be extra cautious with using Flutter?

You should remember that Flutter is in the first place dedicated to working as a framework for cross-platform mobile applications. Even though with the Flutter 2.0, the coverage of supported interfaces extended to the desktop and web apps, the product owner needs to remember that the Flutter implementation for those new platforms is still in its infancy.

The examples of great apps in Flutter working across all platforms are starting to emerge, and this will be a growing trend. However, an extra caution here, especially for the business-to-consumer cases, is recommended.

You also need to be aware that although Flutter can easily communicate with the native components, it sometimes does not make sense to use Flutter when the business requirements involve only one platform (iOS or Android) as a target development environment.

Besides that, there are some rare cases when the usage of external components and libraries is required yet not supported with Flutter. Over the years, the risk related to those situations is getting lower. However, to investigate those issues, a simple Proof of Concept app is recommended to validate the implementation before committing to the long-term project.

Mobile app development process

Concept Exploration
Proof of Concept
Product Design
Agile Development
Maintenance and Support

How do we handle mobile app development?

It depends on the state of your current application, but this is the universal guideline of cooperation that helps us achieve the best results – award-winning mobile applications.

1. Concept Exploration: Join our Service Design Workshop and enable us to understand your needs and challenges better.

2. Preparation of Proof of concept: Order the PoC of the mobile app with the most advanced features accomplished within 2-3 days.

3. Strengthening cooperation: Sign the risk-free agreement to start advanced work on the app. You can cancel the work anytime.

4. Product Design: See how your idea is getting real thanks to our designers who turn the user stories into a visual interface.

5. Delivery of an end-to-end solution: Hire a dedicated team for mobile app development that understands your needs in the long run.

6. Maintenance and support: Secure the maintenance and support of the mobile app (7D/week) after the project has ended.


Discuss with us your product idea


Why entrust us with your mobile app development?

  • We have knowledge. We are familiar with the product development phases and service design methods. We know how to progress with our clients from the pain/problem setting to the real solution. We've been working with Flutter since its early days in 2018 and have developed applications for various industries.
  • We have an impact. We take an active part in product development, system architecture design, and selecting technology stack. We assist you through the complete product development cycle and adjust your product to changing market needs.
  • We are a team. LeanCode is a software studio with an ambitious team of 60+ people passionate about mobile technologies and working hand in hand on innovative digital ventures. We're transparent in our communication and follow Scrum methodology.
  • We are experts. We specialize in building mobile and web applications in Flutter, React, and .NET technology. Our team members organize workshops, education events and engage in open-source projects to teach and share their experiences.

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Referrals from our clients

Agnieszka Marevné-Waniel
Shell Commercial Lead
I enjoy working with LeanCode and the technological expertise they bring to our cooperation. I was impressed with their knowledge, commitment, and how they went beyond the agreed level of support.
Igor Pielas
CEO at Activy
If you decide to work with LeanCode, you will experience a lot more than a usual relationship between a client and a vendor. They have empathy combined with responsibility, and they are really lean - both for small and big clients.
Tomasz Czerwiński
Deputy CIO at Credit Agricole Bank Polska
LeanCode has delivered the MVP within 2.5 months, exceeding our expectations. Agile and detail-oriented, they've taken the time to understand the banking industry to deliver the most effective solution for our users. They are professional, efficient, and responsive.

Custom mobile apps

In 1997, Nokia presented their cellphone with a built-in version of the basic arcade game "Snake," which many consider the first mobile app. Three years later, they introduced a smartphone connected with a 3G network.

Since the mobile share of human interactions with the digital world took over the desktop in May 2019, mobile apps have become the standard requirement for all modern products.

They are present in both the consumer world and business, enterprise applications.

What makes those mobile apps so powerful is their features. We take care of the implementation of all components necessary for the apps to perform at the edge of current technologies.

We also propose customs mobile app solutions like gamification experience, payment systems, subscription services, and many more. It depends on your business idea and established goals.

We run Product Design Workshop to come up with the best solution and define the scope of work.

Popular mobile apps features:

1. Push notifications – send the media-rich (with images and videos), often interactive content to the targeted audience of CRM and marketing automation tools.

2. Advanced tracking – enables segmenting the user's group according to their activities to adjust the content and frequency of the usage.

3. Payment systems – collect single payments, advanced payments, etc., for all kinds of physical and digital goods and services.

4. Subscription – the most widely held method of media delivery, a well-executed subscription model can help meet demands for tailored content.

5. Tracking services – efficiently and precisely monitor the location, movements, and movement patterns of users.

6. Media services – streamline, download, display, listen to watch, and interact with the engaging content.

The common use cases for mobile apps:

1. Marketplace Apps – where it is crucial to send quick notifications to both parties about the deals/questions etc.

2. Booking Systems – where it is extremely important to respond to the market interest from the new customers quickly.

3. eCommerce Apps – that help users buy the content in the most convenient way on their mobile phones with the advanced interface.

4. Logistics and Tracking Apps – where it is vital to communicate the users' real-time location.

5. Communication Apps – where a mobile interface is the most convenient way to chat, make a video call, send files, pictures, and calendar invitations.

6. Trading apps – where acting crucially depends on timing, and you have to stay online for active live deal placement.

7. SportTech Solutions – where the apps can use robust hardware to collect the data about the movement and health patterns of the users.

8. Entertainment Apps – where mobile interface guarantees the highest reach since the leisure time is much related to the mobile itself.

9. FinTech and Banking Apps – where mobile app guarantees quick access to essential information, money transfers, management, and investment options


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