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Mobile is eating the world

Screen statistics show that average users spend almost 4 hours daily on their mobile devices. This is a huge and still untapped potential. At LeanCode, as your tech partner, we will help you choose the winning mobile strategy and deliver a 5-star application. 

What is your mobile strategy?

New mobile app developmentSuppose you want to build your new mobile application. In that case, we will help you deliver everything that is necessary, including UX/UI, mobile app development, quality assurance, and support plans with SLA.
Rewriting an existing mobile appIf your app is outdated and suffers from bad reviews, we can help you bring that on a good track. It all starts with an audit that lets us understand how much we can reuse and what should be built from scratch.
Adding a mobile appDo you have a working product based on a web portal and want to add the notification and instant access to the mobile app? We can help you include a mobile app in your system architecture.

What is included in Mobile App Development?

Our clients often approach us with their business vision, which we have learned to transfer into the working product. This is why we provide the full range of optional services to build the mobile app from 0 to 1. 
Design Thinking Workshops
UX/UI Design
Low/Hi-Fidelity Mockups
Clickable prototype
Research and User Interviews
Agile Coaching
Backlog Management
Mobile App Development
Quality Assurance 
Automated tests 
Release management
Support and SLA

What sets us apart from other agencies?



While many agencies primarily provide you with developers, we go a step further by taking full ownership of your projects.


Short time to market

We don’t reinvent the wheel from scratch but leverage proven components and solutions that save development time.


Experience from 60+ apps

You get the assurance of working with a highly skilled team that builds top-tier mobile apps, resulting in 5-star client reviews.


Automated tests

Forget regression bugs. Our robots make sure that everything is okay, so that you don’t need to. This means higher overall app quality.


Proactive approach

Our team actively contributes their ideas and technical expertise to enhance the quality and functionality of your app.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


Constant feedback loop

Clients are invited to daily meetings, frequent feedback sessions, and product reviews. Ensuring your vision is aligned with our progress.


On time and budget

Our managers constantly monitor the projects to ensure they are delivered on agreed-upon time and budget, providing a predictable project experience.


The Top European Flutter Agency

We are officially listed as a recommended Flutter Consultants, and you can find our case studies on Flutter.dev page.


We are on the tech edge

We closely monitor the new technologies and solutions to build state-of-the-art applications and software.


Your tech partner

We are taking responsibility for the tech side of the project and recommend solutions that fit your business needs.


App release management

Under our supervision, the release of your mobile application is automated, hassle-free, and stress-free.



Transparency in the way of project management and access to our project tracking tools. It promotes collaboration and contributes to the overall success.


We help in recruitment

After delivering the project, we can help recruit experts for your in-house team. You will be able to successfully further develop your project.

Examples of mobile apps

Case Study of Welliba App
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Mobile & Web ApplicationWelliba
Case Study of Credit Agricole Bank Polska App
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Mobile ApplicationCredit Agricole Bank Polska
Case Study Activy
Mobile ApplicationActivy

How can you start with mobile app development?

Meet our expert

Let’s talk about your mobile app

Łukasz Kosman, CEO LeanCode

During our first interview, we will discuss your vision for the mobile app, current resources, and how we can be helpful. You will also learn about the potential budget and timeline. 

Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode


What happens after an app is completed? What if there are some further issues?
How long it takes to build an MVP mobile app? 
How much does it cost to build a mobile app? 
How about no/low-code solutions?
I have an existing web app and need a mobile app companion.
I have a proof-of-concept app built in a low-code solution. Can we use that?