.NET Core


There is a multitude of technologies available to create backend systems, among others:

  • JVM - one of the main go-to technologies for creating LOB applications gives developers access to battle-tested stack used by multiple companies and open-source contributors across the globe,
  • .NET Framework - Microsoft-created technology for developing not only backend but also Xbox, mobile and desktop applications,
  • .NET Core - a younger sibling of .NET Framework, also created by Microsoft, fixed most of the pain-points of .NET Fx and brought it to current standards, outpacing the competition with regard to performance, availability and corporate support.

Each of the aforementioned technologies has its pros and cons. JVM and .NET Framework are still the most popular technology among enterprises. They provide complete environments to build excellent backend applications. Yet .NET Core is quickly gaining track because of its numerous advantages:

  • Native Linux/macOS support (compared to .Net Fx),
  • Outstanding performance,
  • The multitude of open-source libraries,
  • Great Microsoft support,
  • Fast-growing open-source community.

.NET Core gives access to fast-evolving, cutting-edge technology used by more and more projects. Combined with exceptional tooling and top-of-the-line languages like C# and F#, it gives companies and developers an opportunity to create reliable, fast, maintainable and expandable software in no time.

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