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Project background

Virium is a SporTech platform for organizing amateur leagues and tournaments. This competition app helps players to keep track of their team's progress in the tournaments, their place in the league table, and the results of previous games.

Players can view their position in the rankings of shooters, assists players, and the schedule of upcoming matches. That system allows them to be up to date with the match progress. Using the timeline, players are able to see the time and the name of a player who scored, the name of a competitor who received the yellow card, and the final score of the match.

Graphic showing features of Virium app

Scope of work

Virium app offers a flexible game system. We provided a management module for the game organizers to configure flexible game systems and a breakthrough application to collect statistics during matches - Virium Score.

This platform allows you to collect live statistics during matches. Thanks to its interface, the game personnel can collect statistics such as shots, goals, defenses, and fouls, and the system displays them live in the player application. What is more, the organizers can resign from paper match minutes, which are standard in all games, and save time on rewriting them to the CMS systems of their websites.

We also created a special architecture for more demanding customers who want to have branded applications in the app stores, allowing each organizer to have an application in the Google Play Store and App Store, named after the organizer's brand.

It is a fully customized white-label product. Virium also offers a football competition website, which can be freely customized visually and functionally.
Thanks to that, you can adjust your website to the brand identification and collect selected statistics and ranking.

What is more, VIrium offers a white-label mobile application so that each local league can have its own branded application for iOS and Android, thanks to the complex code management and advanced CI/CD automation. This enables Virium to provide its clients with custom services based on the same engine, making it easier to maintain in the long run.


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