The List of Enterprise Companies Using Flutter 2023

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In just a short span of time, Flutter technology has not only demonstrated remarkable stability but has also advanced to a level that facilitates the secure development of mobile applications, catering to both small-scale and enterprise-level needs. Spearheaded by Google and complemented by a robust and dynamic Flutter community, this ecosystem guarantees ongoing evolution, enhancement, and support. 

Below, we've curated a list of companies leveraging Flutter for mobile app development, aiming to underscore its credibility as a technology that even major corporations can confidently embrace. Some of the other showcases of popular apps built with Flutter can also be found on the official Flutter page. We divided companies into industries to make it easier to search for.

Banking / Fintech Flutter Apps

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Credit Agricole Bank Polska is a Polish branch of Crédit Agricole Group. Its mobile banking application is dedicated to retail clients. Flutter framework helped them achieve a great, seamless customer experience on both platforms. It also made it possible to launch the MVP of their new app within only 12 months. You can also read the Case Study of this app, written from a business perspective.

ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski is a Polish bank that built its mobile banking app dedicated to business clients in Flutter. With Flutter technology, their developers can deliver new features faster. They also value working on a codebase that's mostly shared, allowing them to make fixes on both operating systems simultaneously and improving further development process.

Millennium Bank

Bank Millennium is a Portuguese commercial bank that released a corporate banking mobile application in Flutter. One of the Bank's strategic goals while developing its Flutter enterprise app was the full digitization of cooperation with entrepreneurs. Customers were testing new features in the remote control. The most appreciated benefit of using this technology has been the ability to use the same code that works on both iOS and Android platforms while maintaining high-performance scores.


Nubank is a Brazilian neobank and the largest fintech bank in Latin America. Nubank has experienced a significant transformation thanks to the Flutter framework, enabling them to maintain their growth without compromising on the quality of their services. Nubank was also able to introduce an insurance feature within a mere three months, marking its quickest product launch to date.

Société Générale 

Société Générale, also known as SocGen, is a French-based multinational financial services company. The idea was to implement the project within the shortest possible terms. Flutter was a perfect solution and helped reduce the time and cost of their corporate banking app development. It also allowed the team to deliver the same experience as users can get from native apps.


Skandia, a Swedish financial services company, offers a range of services, including insurance, banking, and asset management in their Flutter fintech app. With Flutter's assistance, Skandia could match its competitors' mobile quality standards, enhancing its user experience by speeding up the initial load time and dynamically loading content.


Tide is a UK financial technology company providing mobile-first banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Tide offers its users the possibility to open a business bank account and get built-in tools for invoicing, accounting, managing expenses, and monitoring the financial health of their business.


Cheddar is a revolutionary payments and rewards platform developed with Flutter in the UK with unique targeting capabilities that enable retailers to engage new, lapsed, and existing customers with personalized offers. Users make purchases with their linked accounts and get cashback from top UK retailers. This Flutter enterprise app allows for paying and getting paid on any platform or in person with links and QR codes.

If you are looking for more opinions, we interviewed specialists from three banks that built their mobile banking applications in Flutter. Read our article about building banking apps with Flutter and find out their opinions about Flutter development.

Car Manufacturers / Automotive Flutter Apps

MOIA (VW Group)

MOIA is a technology company of the Volkswagen Group and develops on-demand ride-pooling services. MOIA’s electric vehicle service offers an alternative to privately owned cars. Users’ destinations are compared and bundled using an intelligent algorithm. The shuttles are then planned so that passengers with similar destinations or routes can travel together.


Toyota uses Flutter for its infotainment systems since Flutter supports embedded devices. Due to Flutter's powerful rendering engine and functionalities like Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, their development team had the capacity to create a product that felt premium, resembling a mobile app rather than a conventional embedded system.

Food Ordering / Food Delivery Flutter Apps

Burger King Finland

Burger King Finland has a loyal customer app developed with Flutter. The main goal for this app was to enhance the customer relationship and elevate the overall Burger King brand experience. The application was also intended to function as a medium for identifying, nurturing, and rewarding loyal customers. Thanks to Flutter, the application was built within 3 months.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a German multinational online food ordering and food delivery company, and they are now innovating and creating new services such as groceries, pharmacies, and other convenience articles in multiple markets. Their platform, which helps restaurants to be connected to suppliers, has been developed with Flutter.


Wolt is a Finnish technology company known for its delivery platform. Their app dedicated to merchant partners called Picker App is built with Flutter. The app allows for deliveries from merchant stores, from accepting and fulfilling Wolt orders to updating what they offer to customers on the Wolt platform. As can be read on Wolt’s Blog: “From a user experience standpoint, Flutter is a mature cross-platform technology that’s performant, has a great look and feel, and has less chance of breaking due to mobile operating system updates.”

Flutter Apps developed by Google

Google Ads

Google Ads stands as one of Google's flagship offerings, and its mobile application seamlessly extends the functionality of its desktop counterpart. The Google Ads app empowers advertising managers to monitor and manage their campaigns. Google made the strategic choice of leveraging Flutter to take advantage of flexible scaling capabilities, effectively minimizing the necessity to maintain separate code base for both iOS and Android.

Google Cloud Admin App

The Google Cloud Admin app, available for both Android and iOS platforms, empowers administrators to oversee their accounts while on the move. Functions include user addition, password resets, access to audit logs, contacting support, and other administrative tasks.

YouTube Create

YouTube Create (so far available in beta in 8 countries) is the official video editing app that allows you to edit your videos with helpful, easy-to-use production tools like filters, effects, and music & voiceover editing.

Google Earth 10

Google Earth app allows for rendering a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery. What is great is that this app also has a web interface among targeted sceens, and it turned out to work really well, becoming a great showcase of what is possible using Flutter for web development.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform—a plugin to add payments to your Flutter application. Google team decided to rebuild Google Pay on Flutter. It helped to save about 60-70% of the engineer's time as Flutter is easier to manage. The use of Flutter also facilitated the fast and effective expansion of Google Pay, allowing it to reach various parts of the world.

Retail Flutter Apps


Bauhaus is a well-known chain of home improvement and construction material stores in Germany and several other countries. It's recognized for offering a wide range of products related to construction, renovation, gardening, and home improvement. Their application in Flutter allows customers to shop directly online while on the go.


Bricomarché is a DYI chain store. The aim of their mobile app was to bridge the online and offline world, providing its customers with a more convenient experience of the brand. Their team developed a Flutter-based loyalty app for iOS and Android, boasting a lucid UI as well as an intuitive and straightforward UX.


The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer. Both MediaMarkt and Saturn stores often have a strong online presence, allowing customers to browse and purchase products through their websites. Their mobile app, available in 13 countries and for millions of users, is built with Flutter and supports an Omnichannel shopping experience.


Sizeer is one of the multi-brand chain stores that belong to Marketing Investment Group. In their stores, customers may find the top footwear and clothing brands. Sizeer decided to transfer its ongoing loyalty program to an app so as to make it easier for customers to use their services. Another essential part of the Flutter mobile app was a feature that enabled users to ‘try on’ shoes using Augmented Reality (AR). Flutter made it possible to achieve all their goals.

Other Large-scale Flutter Apps


Activy is a wellbeing app developed to elevate both workforce health and team dynamics within organizations. Activy revolutionizes commuting habits by gamifying cycling as a preferred mode of transportation over conventional car usage. HR departments harness its capabilities to cultivate a culture of active participation in challenges among employees through an intuitive app interface. Originally built using React Native, Activy underwent a strategic migration to Flutter, enhancing its adaptability across different platforms for streamlined and efficient development.


CZ is a major health insurance company based in the Netherlands, providing various insurance services primarily related to health and well-being. Their services include health insurance, supplementary insurance, and additional coverage options. The CZ application is made with the Flutter app framework.

Moi Mobiili Finland

Moi Mobiili is a teleoperator available in Finland. Their B2C application called Mun Moi is developed with Flutter and is available on iOS, Android, and tWeb. The app allows clients to manage their account details, subscriptions and to follow their subscription’s data consumption on the go. The main advantage of Flutter app development is the availability to publish new versions of the app much quicker, even several times a week.


Sonos is a premium wireless sound system that makes filling your home with great sound easy and offers an app to configure and control its products. Sonos significantly enhanced its development capabilities with the adoption of Flutter. Sonos undertook a comprehensive user interface redesign and introduced user-friendly features across multiple platforms. Leveraging Flutter allowed for the integration of sound, animations, transitions, and walkthroughs.

SAS Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Their client application is built with Flutter. It offers features related to buying flight tickets and organizing your trip details. What’s interesting is that you can download the SAS application and explore their backlog with upcoming features, and vote for which you’d like them to prioritize.

Want to see more examples of Flutter apps? We have one more list, but this time it is about Polish Flutter apps.

Top companies that use Flutter: Summing up

At LeanCode, we think Flutter is a great technology for companies of all sizes because of its cross-platform capabilities. In our portfolio, we have a variety of applications delivered that can prove it. We hope this list of Flutter enterprise apps will inspire your company to consider Flutter as a beneficial and safe solution. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge about using Flutter in enterprise apps, you may download our White Paper: Flutter for Enterprise

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If you know any other enterprise-scale company using Flutter, feel free to reach out to us via the X platform. We will be more than happy to expand our list of enterprise Flutter apps.

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