Polish Apps Made with Flutter 2023

In the vibrant landscape of app development, the power of Flutter, Google's framework, echoes far and wide. As developers worldwide embrace the framework's vision to create beautiful, rich, and fast applications, Poland emerges as a noteworthy player in this dynamic realm. In our exploration of Polish mobile apps crafted with Flutter, we delve into those that are generally better known. We hope this list will grow over time since the Polish Flutter developers community is getting bigger, resulting in an increasing number of excellent applications.

Here, you can also find global examples of enterprise Flutter applications.

The list of Polish Flutter Apps


Activy is a wellbeing application that helps companies boost their teams’ health and team culture. The whole idea behind the Activy project was to create a gamification system that would empower the employees to cycle to work instead of taking a car. It enables HR departments to engage their employees with custom sports challenges in the user-friendly app. This app was initially developed in React Native and then migrated to Flutter to make it more efficient for cross-platform development. Here, you can find a Case Study of the Activy app.

Audio Bible Super Production

The Audio Bible Super Production is an audiobook in the form of a radio play - lasting about 110 hours. It is an audio adaptation of the most popular book in the world - the Holy Bible. The earlier version of this app used a partly adapted solution. However, the further development was inefficient, so the new version of the app was developed from scratch in Flutter. The Audio Bible is a product that shows that even religious content can be adjusted to the needs of modern customers with the help of technology. We also have a Case Study about this app.

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

At the forefront of innovative banking experiences stands the Credit Agricole Bank Polska mobile app. Catering exclusively to retail clients, the “CA24 Mobile” app represents a milestone in the Crédit Agricole Group's endeavors within Poland. Powered by Flutter, this application not only delivers a seamless and intuitive interface but also marks a paradigm shift in cross-platform accessibility. This case is also listed in our global list of Flutter apps. You can read the Case Study of this mobile application, written from a technical perspective.


Enray is a company that offers chargers for electric cars powered by photovoltaic panels. Thanks to the application, customers can check charging stations along their route, calculate charging time, and reserve a charger for themselves. Flutter served as the ultimate catalyst for crafting a cross-platform mobile app that connects the thread between electric vehicles (EVs) and solar-charged havens scattered throughout Poland.


Erli.pl is rapidly expanding e-commerce platforms, catering to the needs of both businesses and individual consumers, attracting over 6 million users every month. This bustling marketplace offers an extensive array of products, boasting a catalog that exceeds 15 million items sourced from a diverse range of sellers. Erli's Polish Flutter app offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the browsing, selection, and purchase processes.


Fitatu claims to be the simplest calorie and diet calculator in the world, with over 10 million users. It has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive database, and the ability to personalize plans according to individual needs. It provides a range of features centered around meal planning, calorie tracking, exercise logging, and personalized diet plans. This app was initially developed in Cordova and then migrated to Flutter, unlocking a world of heightened functionality for the application.


Foodsi is a Polish Flutter app designed to bridge the gap between surplus food and customers. This innovative platform serves as a liaison between clients and a variety of food places, including restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, and cafes. Its primary mission is to minimize food wastage by offering surplus food from these places to clients at discounted prices.

Furgonetka Box Partner

Furgonetka.pl offers a wide range of courier services, providing companies and individuals with fast and low-cost shipping. As the parcel machine network rapidly expanded, the Furgonetka team needed a solution enabling seamless proposal submissions for new machine locations from existing and potential partners. Opting for innovation, they embraced augmented reality (AR) as the cornerstone of their strategy. Flutter technology facilitated swift development and the creation of a versatile product compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.


Hashiona is the 1st Hashimoto's thyroiditis management app. This Polish Flutter app caters specifically to individuals struggling with Hashimoto's disease, offering resources to deepen their understanding of their condition. Through comprehensive features, users can oversee and track the progression of their illness. Tailored programs within the app aid in symptom management, thereby improving the daily quality of life for patients.

ING Bank Śląski

At ING Bank Śląski, they used Flutter in one of their mobile applications - ING Business Mobile. The application is used by over 40,000 companies in Poland (data from 2022). By using Flutter, they were able to rewrite their two native apps into one with shared code. This decision resulted in easier maintenance of the application, and their team could devote more time to adding new business functionalities.

inPost Fresh

inPost Fresh is an e-grocery application available in Poland and a product of InPost logistics company. It combines the option of purchasing from various sources with delivery by InPost. Customers can purchase from bigger partner stores such as Carrefour as well as from various sellers from the FMCG sector. One of the requirements of this Polish Flutter app was a user-friendly display of order dependencies. These encompassed various aspects such as available discounts, support for special codes, potential product shortages, and pricing influenced by the selected items.


Kanarek is a Polish Flutter app that allows you to monitor air pollution in a specific place in Poland or across the country. It uses a very large number of measurement sources and is based on the Air Quality Index, which corresponds to hourly measurements. The app can also notify you if the air quality gets below the norm.

Millennium Bank

Millennium Bank introduced a Flutter mobile application tailored specifically for business owners. This app is designed to streamline and simplify various banking operations for enterprises. Key features of the app likely include enhanced functionalities such as intuitive navigation, real-time access to account information, convenient payment processing, advanced security measures, customizable settings, and possibly tools for financial analysis or business management. 

Nice To Fit You

NTFY is a Polish company specializing in providing dietary catering services with almost 40K users. Their mobile application developed in Flutter allows them to purchase a diet with a choice of diet type, variant, and duration of the diet via one of the integrated payments such as Blik, bank payments, pay by link, and credit cards. Users can also manage delivery or choose dishes based on photos, ratings, and ingredients.

Radio Nowy Świat

Radio Nowy Świat is an internet radio that was created in 2020 on the initiative of iconic Polish music journalists. The project's main goal was to create a new version of the mobile application that would respond to the changing needs of users. The Flutter-based application goes beyond the traditional radio app concept. It has evolved into a comprehensive platform offering users access to podcasts, detailed schedules, a complete radio playlist, and effortless song title identification—a feature cherished by music enthusiasts.


Sizeer, owned by Marketing Investment Group, is a network of multi-brand chain stores that offers an array of top footwear and clothing labels in their outlets. Recognizing the need for enhanced accessibility, Sizeer opted to migrate their existing loyalty program onto a mobile platform. A pivotal addition to this app was its capability to allow users to virtually 'try on' shoes using Augmented Reality (AR). Leveraging Flutter, Sizeer successfully accomplished all their objectives.


Stokrotka is a dynamically developing supermarket chain that has been operating in Poland since 1994. Today, it covers over 916 stores located in Polish neighborhoods and shopping malls. In the company's strategy, the new application was intended to be a bond between online and offline sales, as well as to provide real benefits for customers related to its use. Their Flutter application, “Nasza Stokrotka”, allows users to access current promotions, a loyalty card, a shopping list, receipt history, the current status of points collected in the loyalty program, a map of Stokrotka stores, and much more.

Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The University of Wrocław is one of the oldest universities in Poland. They needed a mobile application that would help foreign students get the most useful and essential information in one place. UI and UX design were crucial in this project to organize the data in a user-friendly way. It needed to be as easy to understand as possible for all of the students coming to study at Wrocław from all over the world. Their Polish Flutter app is called “UWr Jungle Book”.

How to choose the best Flutter development companies in Poland?

Poland's IT and technology industry is thriving, and the country is one of the world's fastest-emerging tech hubs. According to data from 2023, it is currently home to 10 unicorns and 60,000 technology companies. Among them, you may also find Flutter app development companies in Poland that deliver mobile app development services. How to choose those that have the best Flutter developers?

There are eight steps that can make the choice easier:

  1. Research: Look for companies specializing in Flutter development and where Flutter is one of their core technologies. You can use search engines, directories, or platforms like Clutch to find lists of top Flutter development companies in Poland. 
  2. Portfolio and Experience: Check if they have listed any Flutter case studies to see the examples of projects they've completed. Look for companies with diverse industry experience and a track record of successful Flutter projects. A good consulting company can also help you in digital transformation.
  3. Client Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients. The best case is when they have testimonials from a specific project delivered or service. It will give you an idea of their reliability and a glimpse into their working methods.
  4. Expertise and Team: Evaluate the expertise of their team. They should have skilled Flutter developers who are experienced and know how to create high-quality mobile apps. We advise working with these companies who have worked with enterprise clients and startups so their developers have gathered various expertise and are familiar with different software concepts.
  5. Cost and Budget: Compare the pricing structures of different companies. Remember that the cheapest option might not always be the best in terms of the quality of building digital products.
  6. Technical Proficiency: Ensure the company stays updated with the latest trends, tools, and technologies. Some companies work with developers who are also speakers at Flutter conferences. You can treat it as proof of a vast experience. They should also have a good understanding of Flutter architecture and integrations with backend systems and APIs. 
  7. Flexibility and Adaptability: A good company should be flexible and adaptable to changes in requirements or project scope (agile approach to the whole project). It can be helpful if they also offer services like ux/ui, web app development, and system integrations, so if your project is more complex, they can support you in delivering what's needed.
  8. Interview: Don't hesitate to set up meetings with the shortlisted companies. Discuss your project requirements, timelines, and expectations. It will help you understand if they are the right fit for your project.

Ultimately, the best Flutter development company in Poland will be the one that aligns with your project needs and business goals. Take the time to research and evaluate different companies. Any software studio may deliver a mobile app. Still, you want to work with the company with the top Flutter developers in Poland who can offer custom software development.

Flutter framework serves both ios and android platforms and allows for building mobile and web apps. But there are other cross platform technologies, so only when the application is well-built will it outperform other solutions and impact the client's success. That's also why you want to work with top Flutter developers in Poland.

Summing up

Poland is a vibrant ecosystem of innovative Flutter applications. In this article, we delved into the world of Polish Flutter mobile apps that underline how Flutter can serve as an efficient cutting edge technology for various apps, from banking and mobile commerce to dietary services. Flutter is a good solution for enterprise clients and start-ups that want to develop cross platform applications with great UI.

LeanCode is a software house and an official Flutter consultancy firm, so if you need help with assessing if Flutter is a technology that fits your case, we can discuss the pros and cons of this solution and help you with Flutter app development.

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