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    What's inside?

    Study of 21 mobile app in terms of 48 features
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    What makes this Report different?

    This Report can become the foundation for discussion between Tribe Directors, CIOs, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Architects, and Developers on the best patterns for building mobile banking apps.

    There was a lack of publications on the Polish market that would comprehensively present the subject of mobile banking. We have developed the "Mobile Banking in Poland 2022" Report to gather conclusions regarding mobile banking, customer needs, and current technological challenges.

    The value of this Report has been appreciated by the Polish Bank Association, the Banking Technology Forum, as well as experts from banks and fintechs. Many positive opinions could be heard during the premiere of the Report, which took place on March 31 at the "Technological Breakfast" event.

    Why is it worth reading this Report?

    The report "Mobile Banking in Poland 2022 From the User's Perspective" consists of 5 key parts, which are a compilation of unique market knowledge.

    If you struggle to prioritize your mobile banking product backlog; if your decisions are based on intuition, and if you would like to follow the data instead, download our report

    Download the Report to understand better the current trends and directions of mobile banking development and gain access to tips and conclusions from experts in the banking sector.

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    LeanCode is a leading provider of mobile apps - including banks and fintech - based on the Flutter technology, which allows for delivering your app for iOS and Android from a single codebase in the quickest time possible. LeanCode also creates web apps based on React, integrations in .NET, and provides IT Consulting, Product Design, and Mobile App Audit services.
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    Kearney is a consulting firm that provides strategic advisory to global enterprises, governmental and non-profit organizations. Kearney has been operating in Poland since 1990, specializing in consulting within the following industries: financial, retail and consumer goods, telecommunications, oil & gas and logistics.
    Report - Mobile Banking in Poland in 2022

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    Mobile Banking in Poland 2022 Report

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