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Flutter for Enterprise

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How to organize the large teams with dozen+ developers.
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White Paper on Flutter for Enterprise

Based on the experience from large-scale projects with more than 20 Flutter Developers, we summarized best practices for building enterprise applications in Flutter. This White Paper enables seamless navigation through this complex task.

What is inside the Flutter for Enterprise White Paper:

  • Flutter at Scale
  • Feature-Based Mobile Architecture
  • The Role of UI Testing and How Patrol Can Help You Improve Them
  • Flutter Add to App - Overview and Challenges Based on Real-Life Case
  • Building Large Scale Apps with LeanCode - Staff Augmentation 2.0

Flutter at Scale:

Learn how to organize the large-scale Flutter development team and the code they create. Proper architecture, organization, and communication are pivotal to securing the smooth development of your enterprise app’s milestones on the roadmap. We described it all based on the real project example. 

Feature-Based Mobile Architecture:

Explore the concept of Feature-Based Mobile Architecture, a structured approach that streamlines development and adapts to cater to projects of varying sizes. Discover the elements of Flutter's architecture that remain constant while staying updated with the latest community standards.

The Role of UI Testing and How Patrol Can Help You Improve Them:

Testing is crucial for building reliable applications. Discover the various approaches and tools for implementing tests on different levels. Focus on UI tests and their potential in testing large apps. Learn how Patrol, our solution, can enhance your mobile UI testing capabilities.

Flutter Add to App - Overview and Challenges Based on Real-Life Case:

Delve into the possibilities that Flutter's "Add to App" feature offers. Understand how it empowers you to test Flutter's potential and seamlessly integrate Flutter modules into existing native applications.

Building Large Scale Apps with LeanCode - Staff Augmentation 2.0:

Learn about LeanCode's unique approach to staff augmentation. Unlike typical outsourcing companies that only recruit and sell profiles, we emphasize knowledge transfer and personal growth for all developers and experts. Discover how this modern approach to staff augmentation ensures the success of your enterprise projects.

In this White Paper, you will find technical and business articles written by experienced developers. Whether you're new to Flutter or seeking to optimize your enterprise app development process, the "Flutter for Enterprise" White Paper will be your guide.

Whether you're new to Flutter or seeking to optimize your enterprise app development process, the "Flutter for Enterprise" White Paper will be your guide.

Authors of this White Paper

Łukasz Kosman
CEO & Co-founder at LeanCode. He supports clients in building outstanding mobile and web applications. Privately, a Service Design lecturer at the MBA studies at the Business School at the Warsaw University of Technology.
Jakub Wojtczak
Co-founder & Partner, CTO. Experienced entrepreneur. Co-founder at Appetiq, Rebel. Community activist and co-founder at Flutter Warsaw and Flutter Europe.
Mateusz Wojtczak
Senior Flutter Developer and a Head of Mobile at LeanCode. Playing around with Flutter since early beta and choosing it as LeanCode's primary choice for mobile apps for over 4 years now. One of Flutter Warsaw hosts.
Marcin Chudy
Senior Flutter Developer with previous experience in backend and web technologies. Passionate about software architecture, knowledge sharing, and user experience. He has been working for 2.5 years on the development of banking apps.
Julia Borkowska
QA Engineer at LeanCode for over 3 years. QA team Leader and Product Owner of open-source Patrol UI testing framework project. Goal-oriented, interested in the Agile approach to software testing.
Marcin Wojnarowski
Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode. Creates mobile apps with scalability and type-safety in mind. Always makes sure the newest libraries and language features of Dart are used in all mobile projects.

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