Building Mobile Banking Apps with Flutter

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    What's inside Flutter in Banking eBook?

    LeanCode's Flutter Team, along with other partners, developed probably one of the biggest Flutter apps in the world for Credit Agricole Bank Polska. It's also the ultimate proof that Flutter is enterprise-ready and can be used to deliver a complex banking product.

    In this project, a team of 200+ people participated for 11 months in a challenge to release an outstanding application, "CA24 Mobile", that will enable our client to advance in Poland's highly competitive banking market.

    This ebook is packed with technical details about delivering the banking app with Flutter. We share the information that often remains hidden in such large-scale projects.

    This ebook covers such aspects as:

    • How to organize the scope of work divided into 15 squads?
    • How to share code ownership?
    • How to structure cross-team communication?
    • How to conduct end-to-end automated testing?
    • How to run things in a multi-package environment?

    But that's not all! In a mobile banking app development, everything is on a big scale - also the Design System and the number of components and challenges that come with that.

    In this ebook, you will also read about:

    • How many components can be in such a large-scale project?
    • What technical and logistic issues can a developer face during design implementation?
    • How detailed a Story Book needs to be?
    • What are Design System responsibilities and what are not?
    • Why does it matter to consider Motion Design as soon as possible?
    • How does the communication look between developers and designers?

    Plus, you get to read about the entire process of developing a banking app, starting from business aspects and decisions and ending with the release of the application on the market.

    Making banking apps with Flutter

    Featured experts

    Mateusz Wojtczak
    Senior Flutter Developer and a Mobile Guild Leader at LeanCode. He's been playing with Flutter since the 2018 beta and choosing it as a primary mobile tech at the company for over 2 years now.
    Jakub Fijałkowski
    Head of the Backend at LeanCode, but his experience goes beyond the backend therefore he sometimes dresses up as a Flutter Developer to help the mobile banking team create apps.
    Robert Odrowąż-Sypniewski
    Mobile Flutter Developer and the assistant to Head of mobile development at LeanCode. In the project involved in key business areas - accounts squad, framework and overall architecture design.
    Albert Wolszon
    Mobile Flutter Developer at LeanCode, working with Flutter since Flutter 1.0.0. Responsible for the UI development of the Credit Agricole app. He is always ensuring every animation is smooth and paddings pixel-perfect.
    Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier
    Credit Agricole Bank Polska
    A Tribe Owner at "CA24 Mobile" project and Managing Director in the area of Channel Excellence and Omnichannel Orchestration. She has been associated with banking for over 20 years.
    Tomasz Czerwiński
    Credit Agricole Bank Polska
    A Strategy and Architecture Department Director and Technical Tribe Owner at the "CA24 Mobile" project. An enthusiast of Flutter and the latest technologies, a programmer by birth.
    Marcin Kinderman
    Credit Agricole Bank Polska
    User Experience & Service Design Director at Credit Agricole's Online and Mobile Banking department.
    Katarzyna Skiba
    Credit Agricole Bank Polska
    Product Owner at Tribe Seamless in the 05 Accounts squad in the "CA24 Mobile" project.
    Marcin Olech
    Credit Agricole Bank Polska
    Product Owner at Tribe Seamless in the 07 Payments squad in the "CA24 Mobile" project.
    Majid Hajian
    Head of DevRel at Invertase and a Google Developer Expert, an award-winning book author, Flutter, PWA, perf enthusiast, and a passionate software developer.

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