Flutter CTO Report 2024
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Flutter CTO Report 2024

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Flutter CTO Report 2024

There is no such Flutter report

We've prepared the one and only comprehensive summary of insights and opinions on Flutter from CTOs, CIOs, Tech Leads and Engineering Managers based on their experience with various Flutter projects.


CTOs, CIOs, and Tech Leads took part in our survey
interviews with Flutter top voices in the community
questions were answered to deliver this report
interviews with Flutter top voices in the community
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What's inside?

CTOs and Tech Leads

Here, readers can expect a comprehensive exploration of various aspects related to technology leadership. This includes insights into the diverse career paths taken by respondents, the geographical distribution covered by the survey, the represented industries, experience with different technologies, and opinions on various cross-platform frameworks. The section aims to provide a holistic view of the backgrounds of CTOs and Tech Leads.

The road to Flutter

This section explores the journey of adopting Flutter, detailing the typical target platforms for Flutter apps and the current level of its adoption. We present the key arguments that persuaded companies to start using Flutter and the strongest counterarguments they faced. Additionally, it outlines the preparatory steps companies undertook before fully committing to Flutter.

Feedback after using Flutter

This part provides insights into user experiences with Flutter, including how likely respondents are to recommend it, and the comparisons of development speed with native technologies. It also addresses common struggles, such as debugging and state management, alongside the biggest challenges and concerns when setting up Flutter architecture, like handling dependencies and project structure complexity.

The future of Flutter

We explore the evolving sentiment toward Flutter over the past three years, highlighting shifts in perception and adoption trends. We also delve into the most expected features. Additionally, we examine how development teams leverage AI within Flutter projects, showcasing innovative applications and trends in artificial intelligence integration for mobile app development.

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Flutter as seen by world-class experts

Will Google kill Flutter is a timeless question. I don’t think it will ever go away. What does Flutter mean to Google? (...) By a solid margin, Flutter saves Google more headcount than even the teams of Dart and Flutter. And they aren't small. Flutter doesn’t cost Google money to build because of Google’s own internal usage of Flutter.

LabenzDeveloper Relations EngineerGoogle

Technically there is very little that you can’t do with Flutter. (...) But the branding is still a problem. So, if you try to convince somebody who has been building Android apps for half of his life to now start to learn Dart, no matter how natively you compile it or how good those developer tools are, it is very hard to convince them to try something new. The same goes for trying to convince iOS developers to adopt Flutter.

Martin JeretCEOCodemagic

I personally love the web. I think back to a kind of previous memory in my career, the idea that I have an office suite just in my browser. I don't think about installing my mail app or my word app or my whatever app and then installing service packet service packages but just go to URL. I think in terms of my daily productivity, maybe aside from dev tools or maybe a couple of utilities, everything I do productivity-wise, is done on the web.

Kevin MooreProduct ManagerGoogle
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I instantly fell in love with Dart. It's a great language and has a bigger potential than just being a language for Flutter. Because it's a great language, it has many modern features like type safety, null safety, and really nice closures. (...) Also, I think more Flutter developers should look into the backend side of Dart because it's really pleasant to work with.

Viktor LidholtFounderServerpod

Flutter, in every sense, from the language, the framework, and the ecosystem, is all open source. (...) I try to work with people in the ecosystem, and it is how you make it easier and more seamless for people to collaborate. Because it's not necessarily about everybody building their own package. It's how we can collaborate on building out different packages, whether that be cross platforms, whether that be features, you name it.

Ander DoboProduct ManagerGoogle

One of the things that has gone on in the ten years since we started Flutter is that Flutter has grown inside the Google ecosystem to solve Google problems. And that's not bad. (...) but it means that there are a lot of sort of little missing pieces that make it difficult for random businesses to be successful in adopting Flutter.

Eric SeidelFounder and CEOShorebird

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