IT Consulting

Why use IT Consultancy services?

Sometimes you simply need an Expert with detailed knowledge and experience to help you with advice and recommendations so that you can overcome a current problem or just need a second opinion for the crucial decisions in tech or business. 

Many of our clients are often faced with similar questions. They vary depending on where they are with their product development efforts. During an early stage, they want to know:

1. How can I quicken the time-to-market for my new mobile app development using service design techniques?

2. How should I build the product roadmap for my mobile or web app to optimize the budget and cost?

3. What type of infrastructure is necessary for my mobile or web app to reach my business goals?

4. Is the cloud safe for my business where we handle the financial or medical data?

5, How much would it cost to build the proof of concept app in Flutter or other relevant cross-platform technologies?

6. What are the technology risks behind choosing Flutter for building mobile apps for iOS and Android?

7. Is Flutter ready for creating web and desktop applications, and would they like to see examples of the web apps being delivered in Flutter?

Later, they are challenging us with the questions:

1. Will my current technology be sustainable if the product scales? Are mobile apps built in Flutter easy to maintain?

2. How can we optimize the mobile app's performance while limiting infrastructure costs?

3. How to run the audit of the mobile application after taking over the legacy project?

4. How to train the in-house team to adopt development with Flutter?

The list can go on. For all of these and similar cases, we offer IT Consulting services where we try to solve the particular business problem considering the technology. 

We also try to gather the learning typical for a particular industry. If you want to discover insights about building a mobile banking app with Flutter, you should check our eBook. 

Examples of the IT Consulting services

Companies that are actively innovating always try to push the technology's limits. Whether you are a startup or represent a respected enterprise, you may need a better understanding of your choices in terms of technology.

For those cases, we offer highly specialized tech consulting services which enable you to make the right decisions for your business. Typical areas where we provide help with our consulting services:

1. New Venture Building - when you want to create a new digital product, and you need to select the optimal technology for each stage of your product development roadmap. Our Service Design Sprints can facilitate this process and bring the best results.

2. Technology spikes - when you have selected a particular technology or programming language and would like to build a proof of concept to see if it matches your expectations.

3. Building extension to your current system - when you want to design the new architecture, which takes into account the integration with the current technology and existing dependencies to take the benefits of the add-to-app approach and adopt the single codebase for multiple platforms even for a limited part of your system.

4. Migrating your legacy system to the new architecture - when you are tired of the limitations imposed by the current, old technology and you want to design the new system based on your previous learning and plan the migration roadmap so that you don’t jeopardize the value delivered to the current users.

When you are facing a tough decision - time matters. It would be best if you made sure that whatever the cause, you have a qualified team working with you hand-at-hand to identify the optimal solution. 

Areas of our technology consulting services

At LeanCode, we believe in building expertise and strict focus. Therefore we don’t overpromise that we can be helpful for all sorts of IT-related challenges.

For this reason, we share the areas where you can consider us as experts who can bring valuable input to your considerations:

1. Flutter framework, specifically for cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android and web applications. 

2. .Net framework. 

3. React JS and web portals.

4. Cloud-based infrastructure, specifically using Azure and Google Cloud. 

5. Script-based infrastructure using Kubernetes and Docker.

6. CI/CD processes for server, web, and mobile applications.

7. Integration of the services.

8. Migration of the databases and users between the systems. 

9. Creating the product roadmap and estimation of the costs of development. 

10. Product validation and Google Design Sprints. 

11. Implementation of the automated tests and the QA processes. 

12. Organization of the development process.

Analyzing IT Consulting LeanCode

Referrals from our clients

Agnieszka Marevné-Waniel
Shell Commercial Lead
I enjoy working with LeanCode and the technological expertise they bring to our cooperation. I was impressed with their knowledge, commitment, and how they went beyond the agreed level of support.
Trevor McGerr
Founder at Quittercheck
Internal feedback on LeanCode's solution has been strong regarding its speed. An external auditor praised the app's architecture. Their team showed commitment to delivering for the client and provided attentive service even after delivery. They work well with startups. 
Marta Kutyna Bakalarska
Head of Innovation at Maspex Group
LeanCode has managed to create the great project on time and within the budget estimated. The team effectively managed the project using an agile methodology.

Experience in IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting services are based on the knowledge gathered during previous projects, market research, and R&D activities. Those activities make us perfect partners for various industries where we have already faced some typical problems.

At LeanCode, we specialize at:

Banking and Fintech industry, where knowledge of security, safety, and scalability is a must. Our experience ranges from building verification systems using KYC tools through setting up transaction systems to building banking apps with a broad range of services.

HealthTech products, where health is defined in both the traditional way and through well-being and mental health. The mobile applications we have developed enable users to run self-service checks, get in touch with advisors, monitor their health, etc. This category is subject to high standards of security, as any breach of health-related data can cause significant problems for the data administrator.

Logistics, where the optimal transportation system, is often the key prerequisite for building the margin. We understand how this domain is complicated and what problems can be encountered while building the dispatching systems with peer-to-peer communication.

This list is never complete as we like to be challenged by the new and interesting domain, and you can look at the extended list of the industries where we excel.


Need a proven tech partner?


Example of products 

There are also some specific business cases where we have a lot of domain knowledge acquired while working on previous projects, which might be helpful for your business.

Those examples include, but are not limited to:

1. Creating the complete Fintech app with KYC and open-banking integrations in Flutter.

2. Building the mobile or web-based marketplace app for the international market.

3. Creating the media streaming apps.

4. Creating subscription-based mobile apps.

5. Integration with the payment services for the on- and off-session payments.

6. Building loyalty apps based on offline transactions.

How to start with IT Consulting services?

What are the first steps for starting the Consulting Services: 

1. We arrange the scoping workshop to understand the initial need better.  You can use this form to enroll in the scoping workshop. It typically takes 45 minutes.

2. After understanding the requirements, we organize an initial technical workshop with our experts to discuss the details of the requested support. It typically takes 60 minutes.

3. Following the technical workshop, we prepare the offer for the Consulting Services. If you accept the offer, we kick off the IT Consulting process typically within 5 working days.

Price of the IT Consulting services

You need to know that although we share all relevant experience and knowledge while providing consulting services, they are still affordable.

Prices for the Service Design Sprint workshops start from 1.500 USD/EUR.

The cost for the typical Proof of Concept apps range between 3.000 - 10.000 USD/EUR.


We can help you with your challenge!