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For complex system integrations, you need a reliable and experienced tech partner who will not only be able to orchestrate the architecture of integrations but also be able to maintain those connections based on an SLA with 7D/week availability. 

What integrations do you have in mind?


There is a set of must-have integrations for customer-facing apps, like login with social media accounts which we support. However, for the enterprise apps is more important to provide the SSO integrations to facilitate the on/offboarding processes. For all apps that use certain kinds of financial integrations, it became the market standard to offer the KYC and KYB processes that enhance the user identification process. 

Embedded finance

Financial integrations go far beyond the standard KYC and KYB process and can include open-banking integrations, credit card issuance, provisioning, scoring systems, etc. With our experience in building banking systems, we are a perfect tech partner to navigate you through those complex integrations.

Payment systems

Whether you are building a SaaS or e-commerce platform, the chances are that you want to automate the checkout process with payment integrations. We support different kinds of integrations, and based on our experience, we can integrate with your partner of choice for credit card payment, subscriptions, and other processes, which include deferring payments, escrow accounts, split payments, e-wallets, etc.

IoT devices 

Our experience from industrial, sport-tech and med-tech projects covers all kinds of integrations with peripheral devices through Bluetooth to collect information, manage the device, and run over-the-air updates.

What is included in System Integration services?

System Integrations are complex tasks that involve analysis and often Rapid Proof of Concepts to check the feasibility of specific integrations. Those services may also include:
Architecture Workshops
BPMN Diagrams
Rapid Proof of Concepts
Mobile Development
Web Development
Integrated Tests
Support and SLA

What sets us apart from other agencies?


Experts on board

You have access to a team of experts in their fields and speakers at international tech conferences.


Automated tests

Forget regression bugs. Our robots make sure that everything is okay so that you don’t need to. This means higher overall app quality.


Large-scale apps

We’ve gathered the bulletproof experience from large (200+ people) projects so we provide you with a service that is tested, and proven.


Proactive approach

Our team actively contributes their ideas and technical expertise to enhance the quality and functionality of your app.


Solid university background

Graduates only from the best faculties in Poland in computer science and related fields, ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


We love hard cases

Easy projects can be built with no/low-code tools. By choosing us, you partner with a team that thrives on overcoming difficulties and challenges.


We run a University grade course

We teach to code well both internally and externally. Our Experts are teachers who train other developers on mobile app architecture.


We build open source

We build our own packages and solutions that we often share with the community. We believe in the value of knowledge sharing.


We provide training of the staff

Our developers can help teach your team the skills necessary to continue your product development. We openly pass the know-how to our clients.

Examples of system integration solutions

Case Study of Prospector App
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Web Application


Case Study of Credit Agricole Bank Polska App
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Mobile Application

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Case Study of Kontomierz app
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Web Application


Reviews of our work

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The team not only delivered what we needed, but they improved on what we wanted as well. The new platform is a significant advantage to our sales. I have worked with many IT teams developing software for over 30 years. This team is top grade.

Brent Jackson
Brent JacksonOwnerIRD Group
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LeanCode has delivered the MVP within 2.5 months, exceeding our expectations. Agile and detail-oriented, they've taken the time to understand the banking industry to deliver the most effective solution for our users. They are professional, efficient, and responsive.

Tomasz Czerwiński
Tomasz CzerwińskiDeputy CIOCredit Agricole Bank Polska
Kontomierz logo

Working with LeanCode is at a very high level! LeanCode has skillfully delivered the project as per the client's requirements. The service provider ensures effective and productive communication through meetings, interviews, and email. Their commitment, project management, availability, and supportive approach are key elements of their work.

Marzena Wójcik
Marzena WójcikProduct

How can you start with System Integration services?

Meet our expert

Let’s talk about your product needs!

Łukasz Kosman, CEO LeanCode

During our first interview, we will discuss the scope of integrations you have in mind and check if they are feasible.

Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode