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React is one of the most common web technologies, but it doesn’t mean finding a good React JS Developer is easy. People who work at LeanCode have taken part in various projects and thus gained experience that will also pay off when they work as temporary members of your tech team. For specific business cases, we have ready components so that, as our client, you can take advantage of them and not reinvent the wheel from scratch.

When do you need to hire React Developers?

Building a new web portal

Do you plan to create a new web interface for your product? This is still the most suitable solution for a majority of B2B applications and an important use case for e-commerce and in some client-facing cases. Our team can help you to work with the frontend app and work together with your backend team to integrate it with any relevant service that they provide.

The unsatisfactory state of the app

Nowadays, excellent user experience is very important for the success of a product. We have worked with clients who have reached out to us regarding issues with their current web application or web portal. Then, it is not always necessary to rewrite the entire application. An outsourced developer will not only carefully assess the current state of your application but will also make any necessary fixes.

Need a React consultant

An advisory role requires a specific level of experience, and it sometimes may be hard to find such a person within your development team. Then, it is worth seeking support from a trusted consultant. We put emphasis on partnership with our clients, and our developers are here also to support you when you need to consult your project or discuss your technology decisions that refer to it.

Need access to React expertise

When an in-house team of developers works long-term on a single project, they have access to specific and limited knowledge resources. You may need solutions that they have no experience with. LeanCode is a software house, and due to access to various projects, our developers are able to gather expert knowledge in many areas in which they can support you.

What is included in React Staff Augmentation?

Developing a web application is a complex project, and we know that it may require something more than expanding your development team. We have all the skills onboard that are necessary to deliver the project from 0 to 1.
Tech Audit
Detailed Analysis
Architecture Workshops 
Design System Workshops
Mobile App Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Cloud Migration
Knowledge Transfer
Sparring Partners
Staff Trainings
Peer-To-Peer Mentoring
Help with the Recruitment

What sets us apart from other agencies?


Experts on board

You have access to a team of experts in their fields and speakers at international tech conferences.


Large-scale apps

We’ve gathered the bulletproof experience from large (200+ people) projects so we provide you with a service that is tested, and proven.


Proactive approach

Our team actively contributes their ideas and technical expertise to enhance the quality and functionality of your app.


Solid university background

Graduates only from the best faculties in Poland in computer science and related fields, ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise.


Agile culture

We embrace Agile with Scrum as our default, but we also do Scrumban and Kanban. You gain the advantage of an adaptive approach to project management.


We love hard cases

Easy projects can be built with no/low-code tools. By choosing us, you partner with a team that thrives on overcoming difficulties and challenges.


We are on the tech edge

We closely monitor the new technologies and solutions to build state-of-the-art applications and software.


True leaders

Our Engineering Managers know how to train and lead the IT teams, and they can take care of your team as well.


Hire 2 Devs, get 60

Our 60 devs combined have knowledge of almost everything, and we facilitate knowledge transfer to solve complex problems together.


We build open source

We build our own packages and solutions that we often share with the community. We believe in the value of knowledge sharing.


We provide training of the staff

Our developers can help teach your team the skills necessary to continue your product development. We openly pass the know-how to our clients.

Examples of projects

Case Study of Welliba App
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Mobile & Web Application


Case Study of Kontomierz app
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Web Application


Reviews of working with our React JS developers

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Solid knowledge and trusting cooperation help us deliver new features to our customers quickly, continuously, and based on high-security standards. The sophisticated code base and experience within LeanCode provided us with a strong foundation for the IT security certification process. We are thrilled and grateful to have found LeanCode as a partner and look forward to our further cooperation.

Mario Martella
Mario MartellaManaging Director & CTOWelliba
Kontomierz logo

Working with LeanCode is at a very high level! LeanCode has skillfully delivered the project as per the client's requirements. The service provider ensures effective and productive communication through meetings, interviews, and email. Their commitment, project management, availability, and supportive approach are key elements of their work.

Marzena Wójcik
Marzena WójcikProduct OwnerFinelf.com

How can you start with React Staff Augmentation?

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Meet our expert

Let’s talk about how our React Developers can help you!

Łukasz Kosman, CEO LeanCode

During our first interview, we will discuss the current stage of your web app development and the main purpose of adding new React Developers to your project. We will inform you about the possible solution, potential budget, and timeline for cooperation.

Łukasz KosmanCEO at LeanCode


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