Meet LeanCode and Our Speakers at Fluttercon Berlin 2023

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This summer kicks off with an exciting event for the Flutter community - the Fluttercon conference in Berlin, and LeanCode became the Silver Sponsor. It’s been 3.5 years since we co-founded Flutter Europe, the biggest Flutter event at that time in the world, and since then, we have been supporting other great initiatives for the Flutter community - like Flutter Warsaw. The more we are happy to be a part of this most-expected event this year.

LeanCode Silver Sponsor of Fluttercon 2023

What is Fluttercon about?

Fluttercon is 3 days (July 5-7) filled with 75+ talks given by talented developers and industry experts working with Flutter technology from around the world. And the audience will be quite large because the organizers anticipate over 1000 participants. Considering that the conference is co-organized with another event - droidcon Berlin, it can be safely said that it is one of the largest events focused on mobile technologies this year.

Attendees joining Fluttercon will have the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in Flutter, including new features, enhancements, and industry trends. This knowledge can be instrumental in improving their own Flutter projects and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Additionally, the conference offers ample networking opportunities. Attendees can connect with like-minded Flutter enthusiasts, experienced professionals, and potential collaborators. 

At the conference, you will also be able to meet top companies working with Flutter. LeanCode has a dedicated booth at the event. We will bring a big crowd of LeanCoders with us and would love to talk to you about Flutter projects, Flutter for Enterprise, and Patrol, our beloved framework for UI Testing. 

LeanCode talks at Fluttercon

We’re proud to announce that we have 4 speakers at Fluttercon from LeanCode this year: Mateusz Wojtczak, Albert Wolszon, Bartek Pacia, and Marcin Chudy will share their knowledge with other great developers from around the world based on enterprise Flutter projects they delivered at LeanCode.

4 Speakers from LeanCode at Fluttercon Berlin 2023

Mateusz Wojtczak, our Head of Mobile, in a joint talk with Bartek Pacia, our Flutter Developer and the main person behind the Patrol framework, will be speaking about Reimagining Flutter UI tests with Patrol (on July 5th, 10.20 AM in BARTIK). As they say: “Flutter UI integration testing can be really cumbersome, especially in a mobile app that also depends on the native side features. Unfortunately, the Flutter integration test fails when a native permission dialog appears, or we'd like to interact with some native platform view. We experienced the same blocking issues while testing apps that's why we created Patrol”.

Here you can read about Patrol 2.0 and its newest updates.

Another talk will also be delivered by a team of two - Mateusz Wojtczak and Albert Wolszon, our senior Flutter Developer. They will share their experience from Building a large-scale Flutter mobile banking application with 25 Flutter Devs (on July 6th, 10:20 AM in SHIRLEY). Building a large-scale Flutter mobile banking app has taught them many valuable lessons on how to set up such a project. Now, they would like to give you their perspective on the organization of the project and its challenges.

Here you can find our Building Mobile Banking Apps with Flutter eBook based on this project.

It is also worth joining the talk of Marcin Chudy, Senior Flutter and Frontend Developer, who will be covering the topic of Flutter Add-to-App: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (on July 6th, 1.40 PM in SHIRLEY). Flutter add-to-app can be a very tempting way to introduce Flutter in an organization that is maintaining native apps. In this talk, he will give more light on some challenges that appeared during the development of a proof-of-concept Flutter project by LeanCode for one of the clients from the banking sector. 

Here you can read more about Flutter Add to App.

Summing up

We can’t wait to arrive at Fluttercon since the event is going to be a windfall for people interested in Flutter technology. We are preparing many attractions at our booth, so we hope to see you there. If you can’t attend the conference, we plan to share a lot on our social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, so choose your favorite and join us virtually!

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