Flutter Warsaw interview with Matej Rešetár


Before Flutter Warsaw #12, we interviewed our speakers, and asked them about their development path in Flutter, what was the most challenging for them while using this technology, and who is their biggest Flutter inspiration.

Matej Rešetár is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. He is working as a Flutter freelancer and, most importantly, a developer educator at resocoder.com with a mission to get people prepared for the real world of Flutter development. Despite all this work, he still manages to squeeze in tough workouts and guitar.


Mateusz Wojtczak


Senior Flutter Developer @matiwojt

Matej Rešetár



[Mateusz Wojtczak] What is your background as a developer?

[Matej Rešetár] My background is not very deep. Well, I started when I was 16 years old, now I’m 20. I’ve started from writing C# because I wanted to make games of course -- in Unity -- then I transitioned to Xamarin, then to native Android and then you know, uhm... Flutter got me and I stuck with it.

Why did you choose to develop in Flutter?

Because I saw a huge potential in it, it’s simple in nature, yet you can still build complex apps with it. Of course hot reload was an instant benefit, and the growing community is really amazing, so that’s why I chose it.

What do you like the most in Flutter development?

I like the fact that, well, of course, it’s cross-platform, but then you can see what you’re building immediately. Whether it comes to just tweaking the UI -- that’s awesome -- but also changing the logic is immediately available for you to test out in your emulator or however you run your app.

And what bothers you the most about Flutter? What problems have you encountered?

Um…(thinking) It’s a good sign that I need to think about it for so long. Probably it must be the lack of non-nullable types and how unfinished the dart programming language feels compared to Kotlin, which I came from. So that’s what was bugging me the most, but it’s getting better day by day.

Which Flutter project was so far the most challenging for you to do, and why?

It must be the seemingly simple project, which should just play videos and display something on the screen, nothing hard but you know, as it is with Flutter sometimes the native plugins just don’t cooperate and so what should’ve been a few hours project turned into the nightmare, because the video player disposed of its state when it should not have, and there was no way to fix it. 

So what are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an app for a client which is for a smart home. Otherwise, I’m just building tutorials, creating tutorial apps, and also working for clients who need help with getting up on their feet quickly in Flutter. I can help them with that.

Who inspires you the most in the Flutter Community? Because you are part of the Flutter Community and you’re pretty popular, so who inspires you?

It must be two people the most, definitely. One of them is Remi Rousselet, the creator of provider Flutter hooks. He is really prolific in what he does just pumping out libraries left and right. And my really beloved state management library creator - Felix Angelov, who made bloc. I use that library all the time. So it must be these two people.

Yes. I understand completely. The last question for you is which blogs, books, videos do you recommend for studying Flutter? But I guess I know the answer (laugh).

I’m a bit biased so if you don’t consider @resocoder, then I would say… you know it must be Dane Mackier aka FilledStacks -- that’s for videos and for other types of tutorials or courses I don’t really have one specific person because you know -- I learn about things in the way that I google for it, find out the article that fits me and, yeah, I’m one of those.

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