FoodTech is one of HoReCa sectors that involve companies and projects using technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data to convert the agri-food industry into a modern, sustainable and efficient sector approaching all its stages, through the food production to its distribution and consumption.

We’ve gained experience in 4 HoReCa projects for Polish and international corporations such as ECE from Germany and Unibail Rodamco from France.

With the FoodTech application, you’re able to monitor your business during the order placement, payment, and delivery as well as to generate: limited time offers, fees depending on the distance and additional packaging payments. You can also create personalized diets to prepare meal boxes adjusted to each person.


FoodTech apps can offer you various types of features:

  • Discount System - gives rebates for the ordered food items by means of coupons or online transactions
  • Order Tracking - lets your customers know about their ordering status
  • Loyalty Program - supports your loyal clients by rewarding them with loyalty points
  • Location Tracker - navigates the way to your restaurant
  • Online Payments - provides a secure payment with safe transactions
  • Delivery zones System - allows you to configure areas where you deliver along with delivery costs and the minimum order value.
  • Online Ordering System - where your customers can choose and order desired specialties on the go
  • Delivery and Pickup time scheduling - allows you to more accurately schedule the ordering time 
  • Feedback for Order Delivered - helps you to maintain a good quality service
  • Cashback Program - gives your customers more flexibility to purchase other items with the money they got back as a reward

If you want us to create a personalized  FoodTech app, that supports the business development and helps you win customers, we invite you to our Workshops, where we’ll answer all your questions and help you to make great business decisions.



We start in simple 3 steps

4h long workshop
During 4h we analyze the problem, assess solution and create the product roadmap.
Proof of concept
Within next 3 days we prepare the technical proof of concept to check if it fits business.
After the POC is accomplished we prepare the recommendation on how to implement the product with the offer.