Flutter CTO Survey 2024

Are you a CTO or a Tech Leader in charge of adopting the Flutter Framework in your organization? Take part in our survey!

We've been working on the one and only comprehensive summary of insights and opinions on Flutter from CTOs based on their experience with various Flutter projects.
Flutter CTO Survey 2024

The first comprehensive report on Flutter adoption

This report will present global insights on Flutter from CTOs, CIOs, Engineering Managers, Tech Leads, and Experts with similar roles who impact the choice of a technology stack in their companies.

How many times have you asked yourself what others think of Flutter after implementing it in their apps and businesses? Have you ever wondered what Flutter's performance is based on data, not feelings? Or maybe you would like to know more about other CTOs' experience with this technology?

At LeanCode, we have been working with Flutter since 2018. We have experimented with other frameworks before and have built many mobile apps with Flutter. We have also written two ebooks that present its use in enterprise-scale companies and good patterns to follow. Long story short, we know a lot, but it is still our point of view. We have realized that what has been missing is a bigger perspective—insights that may prove or deny Flutter's advantage over other cross-platform technologies.

That's why your voice is invaluable to us!

If you are a CTO or a Tech Leader in charge of adopting the Flutter Framework in your organization, we invite you to take our survey!

Share your feedback so that the new Flutter adopters can make data-driven decisions
Łukasz Kosman, CEO at LeanCode
Łukasz KosmanLeanCode


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Take part in the Flutter CTO Survey 2024!