InsurTech platform

Discoarmor is an InsurTech platform that enables students to get their insurance in an easy way without the time-consuming process of preparing the insurance documentation. 

Full End2End process

This insurance selling app is designed for Polish and foreign students who want to take care of their safety during travel and student exchanges abroad. Polish students are able to choose a travel and accident insurance. For the foreigners, there are special offers for health insurance, so that they can feel even more secure in a foreign country.

Optimal Insurance Premium

The app meets the basic need of safety, so as people can fully focus on their trip, studies and career. What is more, users can tailor the insurance according to their needs choosing the scope of insurance, its period, travel destination and additional packages- they can also insure their families, friends and colleagues.

Graphic showing Discoarmor platfrom

Buying the insurance in the app

1. Users choose if they are Polish or foreign.

2. They choose the type of insurance package.

4. Users fill the required data for the insurance agreement.

5. After the payment they get an email with the insurance agreement.

6. The purchase doesn't require registration but it gives the full access to details of all of the purchased insurances.



Our Contribution

IT Consulting
Product Design
Mobile App Development

If you feel inspired by the Discoarmor business case, you are welcome to request the product design workshop where we can analyze your digital venture.