About LeanCode

LeanCode is a software studio based in Warsaw (Poland). We are a team of almost 60+ skillful developers, UX designers, and product owners. Our mission is to solve real-life problems using cutting-edge technologies.

We work for companies from all over the world (at the moment, that is: Poland, Germany, the UK, the USA, Australia, and China). We join forces with the clients at the very early stage of the process. Thanks to that, we have a substantial impact on not only the organizational aspects of the project but also on how the developed product actually works and looks

We are looking for a Frontend Developer, a team player who cares not only about beautiful layouts but also about great user experience, software architecture, and code quality. 

There’s a catch in this offer, though… You’ll probably have to learn how to play table soccer or table tennis if you join us ;)

What will you do (or learn along the way):

  • Work on Single Page Apps using cutting-edge packages and solutions. This includes but is not limited to TypeScript, React, MobX, RxJS, Apollo, Firebase, Ant Design, NestJS, and Cypress.
  • We’re not afraid to experiment with solutions, and you’ll also have your playground to experiment while being supervised by our experienced developers.
  • Collaborate with other Frontend Developers but also close cooperation with Backend and Mobile Teams;
  • You’ll have countless opportunities to progress when challenged with various tasks;
  • Work on our shared tooling and packages, available publicly on GitHub;
  • You will have the ability to create internal tools in different technologies like Node.js, Rust, Go, or others;
  • If you have a DevOps mindset, you can also participate in designing CI/CD processes and cloud architecture and also deploy and maintain applications using container technologies like Docker & Kubernetes;

Our requirements:

  • Demonstrable knowledge of modern JavaScript;
  • Experience with React or similar;
  • Good practice of styling with CSS;
  • Capable of handling Git with little to no assistance;
  • Ability to constantly learn new technologies and curiosity to explore;
  • Good command of English (written and spoken);
  • Great command of Polish (written and spoken C1) - obligatorily.

We give extra points for:

  • Experience with TypeScript;
  • Familiarity with reactive programming, especially using RxJS;
  • Knowledge of React state management libraries like Redux or MobX;
  • Experience with SSR frameworks, including Next.js and Gatsby;
  • Proactive approach and community involvement;
  • Knowledge of GraphQL and Apollo;
  • Experience with creating websites using the RWD approach;
  • Ability to create tools and applications using Node.js;
  • Knowledge of other technologies, mainly C#/.NET & Dart/Flutter;

Other important facts on what you can expect:

  • Work at our HQ (Warsaw, Służew metro station) or remotely;
  • Comfortable, spacious office with a large backyard (we have frequent BBQ parties between lockdowns);
  • Specialty coffee from a local roastery (yes, we are coffee freaks…);
  • Knowledge sharing during weekly Frontend team meetings;
  • Frequent technical talks from various areas of software development (system architecture, Domain-Driven Design, mobile & frontend trends, UX);
  • We play table tennis and table soccer.

Recruitment process: 

  1. Apply via the form located below.
  2. Get through the technical interview with our Frontend Team Leader. At this stage, we may require writing some live code. 
  3. Join the call with our CTO to discuss the potential cooperation and your future development.
  4. Welcome on board to one of probably the fastest growing Digital Product Studios in Poland.

Join our Frontend Team!


Job benefits
Active office full of great people
Job benefits
Flexible working hours
Job benefits
No corporate atmosphere
Job benefits
The best speciality coffee
Job benefits
Possible full remote work
Job benefits
Basics: MultiSport & Medicover
Job benefits
Tech mentoring during first 3 months
Job benefits
Frequent team retreats & integration events